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Grusom - Grusom

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 26 August 2015, 10:19 PM

I really can't understand the main reason for thousands of Metal/Rock bands trying to sound as those ones from the 60s and 70s. The past is dead, there's no answers for the future to come the, engraved on the tombs of the dead. I can understand the need to keep things done alive, it's a duty for many, but to try to be as hippie as you can, to me, is not an option. But let's be just and take out my personal option from the review: the Danish sextet GRUSOM no comes with their new album, "Grusom".

It's a trend nowadays to sound like in the 60s, music with focus done on the vocals and organ, being the guitars, bass and drums hidden behind a wall of old Hammond organ sound. But GRUSOM music is tender, melodic and really can get us by the ears. It goes straight to our spirits, it's very deep and tender, but vigorous and really catching, and it has a great and positive point: the sound quality is clear, not trying to sound as nasty and dirty as it was on the past. And it turns their music in something really good.

As I said above, the sound quality is very clean, using very good tunes in each musical instrument, being far away from that “smoky” and dirty sound that those retro bands love to use. So this sextet is not a gang of 60s' wannabes, but guys that play what is in their hearts. So we can say that Jacob Bredahl (recording, engineering and mixing) and Brad Boatright had done a very good job.

Musically, they have some good moments, as we can hear on the nasty and melodic "Come Closer" (very good vocals, full of melodies and feeling, and this song is very energetic), the bluesy and introspective "Evil" (good use of Hamond organ and fine guitars), the hit "Cold Stone" (the contrast of calm moments with some more energetic, and the fine guitar solos turn this music excellent), the almost BLACK SABBATH "Bleed For You", and "Gruesome" with this very good tempos changes (a very good work done by bass guitar and drums, and again a very good guitar solo). But the level of quality of the song is very, very good, indeed.

Even not being a fan of their musical style, this album is really something very good.

4 Star Rating

1. First Sermon
2. Come Closer
3. Evil
4. Cold Stone
5. The Journey
6. No Gods
7. Bleed For You
8. The Reaper
9. Gruesome
Niclaj Hoffmann - Vocals
Thomas Ulrik - Guitars
Dennis Warburg - Guitars
Peter Pørtner - Organ
Søren Olesen - Bass
Jakob Kaae - Drums
Record Label: Kozmik Artifactz


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