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Guardian - Revolution

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 18 July 2016, 11:48 AM

Back into the depth of the social mud, and it is gooey and thick. Maybe it is better to succumb to its demands to devour in order to silence, yet I think that there are other plans motion. Truth be told that public scrutiny has always been a favored topic, so to indulge on it once more would be a prize rather than a curse. The UK part Metalcore part Deathcore installment GUARDIAN, which actually sits amazingly great with the newspaper going by the same name, are one of those youngsters that are keeping the folk in check, unveiling their point of view and down into the muck. Raising a fist with their new album "Revolution", continues the contribution to the new age world of Metal and Hardcore, or does it?

Too many to count, a whole lot much to mention, therefore in order not to fill up a whole paragraph, I will keep the band orientations under wraps. As it can be noticed, there is that fine line between the Metalcore and Deathcore, going brutal with grooves and beats while also maintaining breakdowns of the former. No doubt that these guys are heavy as you can get, and their production values are stellar, quality mix and mastering all around, something to be proud of. However, nothing distinct in their sound and kind of in the same line as the endless line of bands like them. And this is where the music starts and ends.

Other than a few exits that showed the band's craving for a sort of justice, plainly showing antagonism or even enlightenment, which were portrayed with additional melodies, the conjuring of brutality and spirituality, and the creation of a certain drama, there isn't that much in here. Tracks such as "Hope", "Deliverance" and "Nomadic" are this album's anchor, a promise that should keep going forward and take hold of the entire songwriting process for the future. Nonetheless, as it can be inferred from the rest of the songs, GUARDIAN is spiking of the monotonic vocals, a cross between Hardcore and Death, yet without the variety of the Metal end. The riffs are crushing; at least several of them, but those are usually repetitive, not going anywhere interesting, and at times simply dull. And of course, these fundamentals affected the songs accordingly.

"Revolution" drenched of antagonism towards politics, possibly anarchism but you would have to dwell on it a whole lot more to be the better judge. It kicks ass in several places, but also remains still in other. Better for you to check it out while not entrusting yourselves in a mere opinion.

3 Star Rating

1. Resolution
2. Revolution
3. Politics
4. Innovate
5. Capitalism
6. Deliverance
7. Catharsis
8. Propaganda
9. Hope
10. Nomadic
11. Ambivalence
12. Restoration
Matthew Hall – Vocals
Zac Yates – Guitars
Cory Young – Bass
Josh Stephen - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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