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Guardians of Time - Tearing up the World Award winner

Guardians of Time
Tearing up the World
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 03 November 2018, 7:49 AM

What we can call Melodic Power Metal had come to a point of saturation between the end of the 90’s and beginning of the past decade that many bands would think twice before taking this genre. There are strong names as RHAPSODY OV FIRE, ANGRA, STRATOVARIUS, KAMELOT and others to dispute with for the public attention, so it would be hard to fight against these facts. But Norwegian Metal bands never seem to care about it, and now, the quintet GUARDIANS OF TIME, from Kristians and, comes with their fifth album, “Tearing Up the World”. Having in their ranks former members from known bands as TRAIL OF TEARS and SUSPERIA, they play into a Heavy/Power Metal way that would reminds many fans from names as those above, but with a personal and different insight. Yes, they are pretty good, creating strong and charming melodies, excellent choruses, but always keeping the heavy approach on each song. And how lovely is the energy that comes from the album. One of the finest pieces of the genre, one of the best we heard from the past five years.

The album was mixed and mastered on Studio Fredman, and the result is a heavy and clean sound quality. It gave the band the right balance between musical weight, clarity and aggressiveness (yes, the band sounds aggressive many times), putting all the musical instruments in the due places, with the right tunes. The songs sound heavy and alive, in a way that is rarely saw in a genre that (in many occasions) is easy to find the sacrifice of the weight for a clean sound. Musically, the band offers an excellent work for the fans. And let’s be honest: it’s truly good. “Tearing Up the World” (a heavy and well-worked song, with fine vocals, with Abbath making some special moments, creating a very good contrast of tunes), the climatic “Raise the Eagle” (very good guitars, and some special keyboards gives the right atmosphere to the song), the charming and strong power shown on “We’ll Bring War”, the fast rhythm of “Kingdom Come” (fine work from bass guitar and drums and a lovely chorus can be heard on it), the nice melodies of “Brothers of the North”, the smashing crunch of the melodies of “As I Burn” (where you’ll find Tim “Ripper” Owens as a special guest), and the bitter atmosphere of “Drawn in Blood” can be said as the best moments of the album, but all songs are really fine pieces of Power Metal arts. And if you get the double vinyl version, you’ll have a bonus song, a live version for “Empire”.

It's an amazing work, so you can trust that GUARDIANS OF TIME, for “Tearing Up the World” is a fantastic album.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Tearing Up the World
2. Raise the Eagle
3. We’ll Bring War
4. Burning of Rome
5. Kingdom Come
6. Valhalla Awaits
7. Brothers of the North
8. Light Won’t Shine
9. As I Burn
10. Drawn in Blood
11. Masters We Were
Bernt Fjellestad - Vocals
Paul Olsen - Guitars
Jonkis - Bass
Willy Aaraas - Drums
Abbath - Guest Vocals on “Tearing Up the World”
Tim “Ripper” Owens - Guest Vocals on “As I Burn”
Record Label: ROAR! Rock of Angels


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