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Gudars Skymning - Hoj Era Glas

Gudars Skymning
Hoj Era Glas
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 09 December 2013, 3:33 PM

GUDARS SKYMNING is band from Backe, Sweden playing Hard Rock in the veins of the 70’s. Starting back in 2006, the band release ad self-titled demo that same year, in 2008  released the debut “Dansa Tillbaks Till Din Grav”, in 2010 “Mörka Vatten” and a little while ago their third, “Höj Era Glas”.

Opening track “Höj Era Glas” clasping the Blues Hard Rock vintage of DEEP PURPLE, producing a vocal line that could have been taken from the good old days. A few of the riffs also indicated of the 70’s UFO and early 80’s MSG years of Michael Schenker that were very impressive and highly passionate. “Gåtor I Mörkret” includes a BLACK SABBATH and early days of SCORPIONS riffery variations, quite nostalgic, these riff patterns, some melodic, are interesting, handing a melodic vibe featuring the darkened nature of SABBATH. “Skymningsvals” is an amazing 80’s spirited Hard Rock instrumental, combing strong features with a puff of gentleness, containing a tremendous lead guitar work. Through the chorus of “Alla Kungens Män” I felt the longing for THIN LIZZY and ZZ TOP and their influence. “Stormen” is a crispy number, highly melodic and rocking, listening to it in Swedish had me intrigued as the guys made a fine comeback for 80’s Hard Rock. “Hells Klockor” got me back to the harmonic staging of early URIAH HEEP riffs and the illustrious melodic choir that the British giant have been portraying for years, “Grumliga Visioner” and Staffansvisan” retained the old DEEP PURPLE vibe once again with near perfect guitaring plus a sticking solo.

“Höj Era Glas” lays down the path for antiquated Hard Rock, which has been preserved right here like old wine. With the right energies, and plenty of talent, this band proving that this kind of music can be equally delivered at its best no matter the language barrier. I'm sure that every fan of Hard Rock climate of 80’s will enjoy this music of GUDARS SKYMNING

4 Star Rating

1. Höj Era Glas
2. Staffansvisan
3. Grumliga Visioner
4. Sluskblues
5. Gåtor I Mörkret
6. Skymningsvals
7. Hells Klockor
8. Alla Kungens Män
9. Stormen
10. Den Långa Vägen Hem
Kenny-Oswald Sjödin – Guitar, Vocals
Knut Hassel - Guitars
Magnus Hasselstam - Bass
Anders Nord - Drums
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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