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Gudars Skymning - Olycksfagel Award winner

Gudars Skymning
by Dani Bandolier at 02 October 2020, 1:50 PM

“Olycksfågel” is the 7th album and new release from GUDARS SKYMNING (2006) a swell music group from the lovely Laplandic woods and mountains in the far north of Sweden. It’s a concept album -Right On ¡! - about the star cruiser ‘Olycksfågeln’ and its crew finishing their scientific exploration of a certain galaxy. The ship leaves a dead civilization (hmmm) behind and starts the long voyage to their own part of the universe after hundreds of years from home. That’s a long time to go without a pint of Old Speckled Hen.

‘Kaptenens Logg’ opens with a slight riff on ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ then at 43 seconds – Houston, We Have Liftoff! With a staggered looping guitar chunka chunka and some bloke speaking to us in a very stern Swedish professor tone (eehhh?).  The songs are totally performed in Svenska language. ‘En Annan Taverna’ catches beautiful air with Dennis Sjödin hanging back on his ride and letting the phased guitar rhythm swirl and groove, Far Out Man ¡!

‘Stjärnbeströdda Hav’ takes to sea and it is at this point that it hits me, like a diamond bullet between the orbs … bloody hell, these cats are bringing the old LOUDNESS fury … the fury when the band sang their foreign heavy metal songs - all of them - in the Japanese language and Akira Takasaki was off the hook to lay down any rhythmic impulse that tickled his fancy – I am talking the LOUDNESS era of import releases “The Law of the Devil’s Land” and “Disillusions”, incredible classics of metal. Guitar slingers Kenny-Oswald Dufvenberg and Knut Hassel don’t match Akira’s virtuoso guitar pyrotechnics, those incredible guitar lines screaming with equal parts Yngwie and Van Halen; it’s their imaginative guitar song and rhythmic structures on parade here and providing big-balled warlord swagger. Likewise ‘Frusen Sömn’ or (‘Frozen Sleep’) is straight from Soviet science fiction cinema, and in Russia you don’t watch movie, movie watches you …

‘Med Djävulen I Hälarna’ brings the fookin’ fury of Euro Metal mashed up with some booty swingin’ grooves before going full HAWKWIND on the way out of orbit and onward towards the edge of the rock’n’roll galaxy. Kenny-Oswald absolutely sets torch to the lyrics throwing down his Sweden soul on ‘Ensam I Bräcklig Farkost’ … just bloody beautiful and I ain’t too proud to admit it mates, this song brings a tear to me wee orbs. ‘Monoliten Vid Rikets Gräns’ (‘The Monolith at the Border of the Kingdom’) equals the thumping doom ratchet of “Hall of the Mountain King”-era SAVATAGE - minus the metal up yer arse moments … ‘Torn Av Glas’ reprises the opening CULT lick and lopes out on a rump shaking journey past the asteroids of the Kuiper belt and beyond. Bravo GUDARS SKYMNING ¡! I dinna unnastand a word, but sometimes it just doesn’t matter …

Svindbra ¡! Så JA!!!! dani bandoliers Spotify lista över granskade musikkår …

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Kaptenens Logg
2. En Annan Taverna
3. Stjärnbeströdda Hav
4. Röd Planet
5. Sandlös Öken
6. Frusen Sömn
7. Orions Schakalar
8. Med Djävulen I Hälarna
9. Ensam I Bräcklig Farkost
10. Monoliten Vid Rikets Gräns
11. Torn Av Glas
Kenny-Oswald Dufvenberg - Guitar, Vocals
Knut Hassel - Guitar
Magnus Hasselstam - Bass
Dennis Sjödin - Drums
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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