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Guillotine - Blood Money (CD)

Blood Money
by Grigoris Chronis at 09 November 2008, 1:41 PM

Sweden gets in the ring for some revival of the glorious 80s in Thrash Metal music? Swedish bands is said to do it good - be it melodic, extreme, 'old' or 'new' school - and GUILLOTINE should not stay away from this entitlement. Still, Blood Money is not a pure 'tribute' Thrash Metal album, since it also combines the current 'stream' of bands like the THE HAUNTED. Not that much, though; hence, it is proposed for old-school thrashers. And GUILLOTINE is not a 'new band', anyway.
Under The Guillotine: one of KREATOR's classic songs. Does GUILLOTINE resemble to the German masters at all? Yes they do, they carry a relevant aggression, a virtual 'guitar riffs' discipline and a Mille-like hostility in the lead vocals (while they may even bring to mind SODOM's aesthetics at times). The quartet (featuring NOCTURNAL RITES and PERSUADER members) has already released another album - Under The Guillotine - eleven whole years ago! Woa…cannot even remember if I ever listened to that debut disc.
Anyway, add portions of SLAYER's diabolique anger, SACRED REICH's/ATROPHY's rhythm section consistency, Bay Area's (in general) 'bridges' machinery, DESTRUCTION's post-reunion sonic vengeance and you can have a drift idea on how Blood Money sounds like (don't forget the THE HAUNTED reference). Some melodic guitar moments will probably - again - refer to KREATOR's artistic approach in the legendary band's latest efforts, while a 'modern' touch in the vocals shall also apply mostly to juvenile thrashers. Hmmm…anything else?
The vocals could be more stable, in my opinion. In addition, a lot of songparts (mostly in fast tempos) shall remind you of that something played before. On the other hand, GUILLOTINE perform their music with much of consistency and less of chatter, while the skills of the band's members are in notable levels (some riffs and leads really kick major thrashin' ass!). These said, it's a matter of personal taste to judge Blood Money as worth the purchase or not. Lookinging at the great cover artwork (you can see Ed Repka, can't ya?) may ultimately help you decide you'll probably spend some money over GUILLOTINE, haha!

P.S.: The lyrics concept? Just judge from the cover artwork and the album title.

3 Star Rating

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Skeleton City
Dying World
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Blood Money
Fredrik Mannberg - Vocals, Guitar
Daniel Sundom - Guitar
Nils Eriksson - Bass
Efraim Juntunen - Drums
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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