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GunJack - The Third Impact Award winner

The Third Impact
by Sarah Chebaro at 19 April 2022, 1:37 PM

Lemmy? Is that you? Before I go on and explain what I meant by that let me introduce you to this amazing rock’n’roll, thrash, old school and a metal band called GUNJACK. Their music is a lot to take in since it also dishes in a bit of speed metal as well. It’s a melting pot of goodness. It all started in 2017, in Italy. Three buddies decided to get together and bring back old-school-sounding tunes such as MOTORHEAD.

This trio already has two albums. This new one recently released in 2022 called “ The Third Impact” completely ups their game. Before I dive into my favorite tunes I will explain to you why I mentioned Lemmy. Mr. Messerschmitt, the lead vocalist in GUNJACK, pretty much almost sounds like the reincarnation of Lemmy. Not only in vocals but also in looks. When I first saw his picture I froze and got goosebumps. He isn’t like Lemmy himself of course but comes very close.

Now the best part, the music of course! Well, maybe some of you have heard of MOTORHEAD being compared to drunken rock’n’roll. GUNJACK is pretty much that but with an extra kick. A huge extra is it’s faster and heavier. If you really think about it it makes sense. It's the kind of metal that belongs to a party. Noisey and rowdy, a way to kick the whole party into gear until there is the last man standing. “Blast and Roll”, the second track on the album is rock n roll on steroids. The drumming by M47 is so intense that it’s the kind of song that should be played in a modern war movie. The guitar solo by Gamma Mörser is so beautiful that I wish it was longer. Honestly, I can go on and on about this track but I think you should listen to it and judge for yourself on this drunken headbanger of a song.

Lie of God” is a heavy metal ballad to my ears. It is so beautiful I almost wanted to cry. How I will describe it won’t come close to doing it justice but here goes. The track starts off with a guitar solo. What makes this song beautiful is the voice combination of all three musicians. It creates a beautiful harmony with the guitar, drums and bass. This is not only the last track of the album but also the longest. I am sure they saved their best for last. Who am I kidding, every single track on this album is genius.

Honestly, I can go on talking about each and every track on this album, but I would rather you listen to it and see this masterpiece of an album for yourself. GUNJACK if you are reading this I am stoked to hear your fourth album!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Dagon (Intro)
2. Blast N 'Roll
3. Twirling On Your Grave
4. The Tournament
5. Hypnotic Disease
6. Destroy The 7th Sea
7. Coma
8. Meltdown
9. Nuke To Be Sure
10. Metal Influancer
11. Heart Of Tank
12. The Knights In White
13. Lie Of God
M47  (Andrea ''Rex'' Ornigott i– Drums, Vocals (backing)
Gamma Morser (Fabio "Vichingo" Cavestro) – guitars (lead), Vocals ( backing)
Mr. Messerschmitt (Alex Dominizi) – Vocals (lead), bass
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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