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Gurd - Fake

by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 18 December 2014, 12:04 AM

For the 20th anniversary to their foundation, GURD, the great Swedish Groove\\Thrash Metal band releasing their tenth album in the number that called "Fake". GURD formed in 1994 in Basel and since then they released some very good albums that were basically Groove Metal and Thrash Metal albums but the band never got focused on one specific genre. And now 20 years after their foundation, they’re still on tour and in the studio, as one of the most genius minds that came from the famous Swedish Metal scene. "Fake" is one of the most expected albums that the band has ever done, with the celebration of 20 years and 10 albums.

Like a true Groove Metal album, the album keeps the intros away and opened up with a crazy guitar riff that lead us strait into the first song in the album. "Fake" reminds me some of the elements from the 90's metal albums. The combination between Hardcore Punk, Thrash Metal and original Glam Metal, is something that served Groove Metal bands well in the years that were before this name had even been invented and the years that GURD were in the processes of foundation. According to my distinction about the first song, GURD isn’t really playing an original Groove Metal by the book, but they truly are bringing back the respect for the elements of the genre.

"Hagridden" proves why they are not playing any specific genre 'by the book', they are not hesitate to use some more elements from other genres as the bass that coming from Punk Rock and melody that coming from the Progressive Metal's world. But the problem of the song is that the instrumental and vocals are truly great but they are great when they are alone and not together, and because of this, the song sounds more like some mash up between two songs and less as one.

"White Death" has got a problem that coming in a lot heavy songs and its start with its attitude. Although the two previous songs that no matter what, were really sophisticated, this one feels like that instead of thinking of the song, the band just wanted to make it most heavy and most loud and most hardcore. I got no problems with hardcore, heavy and of course not with loud, but I just think that the band needed to think more about the song and where and how to change it because I think that if Metal songs have no thinking in it, so it's basically just screams and distortion that recorded.

"Wiped From The Earth" is what I am talking about. A true fun hardcore song that just proves that hardcore and quality can go together. A great breaking chorus, genius bridges but mostly a killer melodic solo that left me speechless. A true masterpiece hardcore song and most the genius and best song in this album.

As the previous, "Go For It" is also a hardcore song that also combine some Thrash Metal elements. In the bottom line, another fun and great song with another killing solo great solo that leave us with no words. "Last Hooray" is a nice song, even great in it’s start, but it’s repeating itself over and the riffs are something that I praised in "Wiped From The Earth", but now it's too much. The thing that once again saves the day is the legendary guitar solo by the legendary Pat Müller.

"Near Miss" is more similar to GURD's old albums, much more Extreme Metal and Thrash Metal with a great chorus and a pleasure to every Thrasher. "Bong Bong" is less heavy but faster and darker and more minds the album than song.

In the bottom line, GURD are in their tenth album and still they are still one of the most active metal bands of Switzerland. But it's got advantages and disadvantages when it's come to the music. I think that if the band would have invested more time in this album they could do much better songs. Also, I think that the expectations of the fans for something more heavy had a lot of influence on the band and this is why the band preferred to do it the heaviest they can. But still they did some great songs on this album and "Wiped From The Earth" threatens to become a big hit. The band did some much better albums but still "Fake" has its advantages and disadvantages.

3 Star Rating

1. Fake
2. Hagridden
3. White Death
4. Wiped From The Earth
5. Go For It.
6. Last Hooray
7. Hunter Of Dreams
8. Near Miss
9. Bong, Bong
10. Neglected
11. Liquid Vision
12. Strike 'Em Down
13. Hateful
Pat Müller - Guitars
Giorgos Zoulis - Guitars
Franky Winkelmann - Bass Guitar
V.O. Pulver - Vocals
Steve Karrer - Drums
Record Label: Czar Of Crickets Productions


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