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Gurd - Hallucinations

by Andrew Harvey at 20 October 2022, 5:29 AM

Thrash/groove metal quartet GURD are a headbanging four piece band who have actually been on the music scene in their native country and city of Bern in Switzerland. There is no shadow of a doubt that their reputation precedes them as they have been active since the mid 1990’s. They have released a grand total of twelve studio albums as their self titled album was the first to come in 1995, then ADDICTED was up next in the same year. In 1997 came both albums D-FECT and a remix version of this album, 1998 was the year of DOWN THE DRAIN with BEDLAM in 2000. Many more albums came including; ENCOUNTER in 2003,  BANG! In 2006, YOUR DRUG OF CHOICE in 2009 and NEVER FAIL in 2011. But one more album followed in FAKE in 2014 before a long break with an EP in 2018, titled PROPAGANDA BABY. Now after an eight year gap since their previous album, they now release their 11th studio album HALLUCINATIONS as the intro track is “Merry Go Round”.

A narrator speaks briefly then disjointed guitar revs up as vocals plus other instruments also come together. Electrifying guitar and thrashing drums is simply stunning and vocals are mean too. Fortune favours the brave as galloping movement is in action as we hear from drums and bass guitar. “I Like The Pain” punches through with heavy hitting, low end guitars. Vocals emphasise the title of this track and groove metal does play a part of this track. All parts of the audio spectrum are there as we go into the next track called “To The Floor”. As the more metalcore sound comes to the fore with groundbreaking heavy guitars and drums with the strong backbeat. The urge to headbang or jump as we hear a mosh pit of all elements of the full band unison. A runway section for drums and vocals to surprise us for the next track.

“FEAR” as the unstoppable bass and cunning vocals take on an authoritative approach as they are right in the face of the listener. The lyrical content must have some kind of message as their words are considered as personal, anti-christian and various topics. “Devil’s Bread” is somewhat following on with similar themes from before except drums put the pedal to the metal. The guitar is twisted and drums are well pronounced with clarity. This is another taste of darker and much nastier sounds and tones. “Ghosts Of Black Holes” as gates of hell raising guitar and cymbal hits before deep tone drums fly in as chokden satanic vocals are in the frame. Even whispering sets the mood as the guitar is ecstatic and holds on certain notes as vocals triumph. Another breakdown as the guitar flexes its stylish sound then the narrator ends it all speaking briefly.

“Out Of Hand” with drum patterns quickening and energetic as guitar picks strings for lots of solo work. Onto the next track “Ship In Distress” as power metal guitar introduces this four minute rock-steady belter of a track. Guitar comes in and bass also vocals taking breaks for different groove variations in the track overall. Consistency is there as we continue on track nine which is “Taste For More”. Boundaries are not exactly any worry as instrumentation crossover so much like thrash/groove metal sound. This track is fast and is set up as a prequel to the final track as we had straight into “Egoist” as guitar echoes and deflects more. Cymbal hits count in but still hold for the right time. This final frontier as clarity and focus is in there but tempo allows each element to stand out more. Another side of the band we don’t often hear but then goes the stampede returns for one last encore. Ending as the track starts to close out we can safely say this band are not anywhere for now. They are back with a bang and what an album full of killer tracks, drumming that is rather hard to comprehend but so good and the vocals are sharp too.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Merry Go Round
2. I Like The Pain
3. To The Floor
5. Devil’s Bread
6. Ghosts Of Black Holes
7. Out Of Hand
8. Ship In Distress
9. Taste For More
10. Egoist
V.O. Pulver - Vocals and Guitars
Patrick ‘Pat’ Muller - Guitars and Vocals (Backing)
Franky Winkelmann - Bass Guitar and Vocals (Backing)
Steve Karrrer - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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