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Guru Of Darkness - Mater Meretrix (CD)

Guru Of Darkness
Mater Meretrix
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 29 July 2009, 5:42 PM

First of all, I have to say that when I got this album the first thing I noticed was the band's name, not even the sticker that says featuring Steve Sylvester and Culto Prietsu. GURU OF DARKNESS is indeed a funny name (at least for me). Anyway, the name is the last thing that should bother myself and you. The main subject here is the band's music and whether or not it is good enough to convince you spend some money on Mater Meretrix.

GURU OF DARKNESS is a Black Metal band from Catania, Italy, that was formed in the winter of 2004/2005 (and may I add here that their site mentions them as a project). Having already played in bands like QUARTERER and SCHIZO, the band's members are definitely not newbies in the scene. Their discography already includes a demo and an album, and I guess that this is their hardest challenge until now, their sophomore full-length effort…

Their Black Metal sound is kind of weird, since on the one hand you may find the classic influences like BATHORY and the coldness of early MAYHEM, but on the other hand there is a totally insane atmosphere throughout the whole album that may bring memories of the evil EMPEROR or CRADLE OF FILTH moments. With mostly up tempo songs full of relentless blasts and haunting guitar melodies, GURU OF DARKNESS show their intentions right from the start. Amongst this Black Metal storm you will also come across some hidden melodies that combine the band's brutality with some atmospheric, even melancholic touches, that of course don't last for long since Baron rises up again with his poisonous attacks!

One thing that could be kind of better is the production. The strange thing about their sound is that it is neither this underground filthy one, nor a clean, polished production. It is somewhere in between, and it took some listening sessions until I got used to it.

Last but not least, we have the guest appearances by the high and mighty Steve Sylvester (DEATH SS) and ex MAYHEM bassist Culto Prietsu (basically, I knew this guy as Occultus but anyway…), people that give their own touch to this album. So, I guess that blacksters should give this band a chance. There is nothing groundbreaking in here, only things you have heard before. But who said that a dark album with repetitive deadly riffing isn't always a good choice for black metallers?

3 Star Rating

Incoming Darkness
Journey To Destiny
Call Of Nenia
Back From Suicide
The Everwalker
Mater Meretrix
Ancient Sounds Of A Lost Valley
Endless Winter
In The Hands Of Evil
Path To Moloch
Moloch Eyes
An Eternal Envy
Tsade - Vocals
Baron Cimetiere - Guitar
Enlil - Guitar, Key Sequencer
Davmass - Bass
Asmodeo - Drums

Guest Musicians:
Culto Prietsu - Vocals
Steve Sylvester - Vocals
Ludovica - Vocals
Giuseppe Orland - Drums
Record Label: Haures Records


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