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Gutlocker - Cry Havoc! Award winner

Cry Havoc!
by Kayla Hutton at 06 May 2018, 6:48 AM

Welcome to Fucktown” kids. That's right. From the U.K. is independent artists GUTLOCKER. Why has no label made the investment and signed these guys? (Represented by It seems they are taking over the scene in the U.K. and after just one listen to their E.P. “Cry Havoc” that just came out April 20th, 2018, I can understand why. GUTLOCKER has been around since 2012 and you can hear the potential in their infancy. Craigs vocals pick up where Phil Anselmo left off in his prime, mix in a little LAMB OF GOD and you've got GUTLOCKER. Simply stated. Groove Metal with a bitey attitude. Imagine the following scenarios, slamming your finger in your car door, hitting your head on a countertop corner, getting bit by a dog, or getting hit by a car and dragged a mile down the road. Now just ad a great beat to it. GUTLOCKER have the precise amount of international commercial appeal and badittude to fuel teenage angst and mid-aged weekend warriors.

Bitter Memory” begins equivalent to the mentality of a bugler the moment the glass is broken. It’s go time. The rhythm section is strongly synced and all instruments leave no open air. The sound they have when joined together is like a personalized signature and doesn’t replicate other than being able to notice distinct influences from other vocalists. At times the track seems bipolar. Trading mad pit action for fist pounding to the skies and pumping in succession with the accenting cymbal crash. “No Burden” paints some insight to how GUTLOCKER would sound live. No shortage of energy that is brought on like a classic crowd pleasing anthem. Slower parts filled with sludge in a death march style then returning back to the grooving fist pounding convulsive heaviness.

The originality of GUTLOCKER is impressive as the riffage isn’t too complicated to confuse the mass majority but has enough technical level to accommodate the judging musicians. “Welcome to Fuck town” is a true to life track that is easily relate-able and is sure to lasso fans into screaming along. GUTLOCKER isn’t an aggressive band, the style matches that of an arrogant bad ass attitude. Provoking a stance that is strong and confident. A downside to the mix is how high the cymbals are. They tend to overpower the treble spectrum rather than reside there. As a whole “Cry Havoc” is another E.P. that leaves you wanting more. Which seems to be a good marketing trend these days for bands that are dripping with ear-pleasing songs and sound. The LAMB OF GOD vocal style isn’t as diverse in tonal quality, but it is a delightful sound that doesn’t fall stale. The insertion of double bass kicks ad a little oomph to the grove and GUTLOCKER could very easily be on the bandwagon of successful bands of the groove metal genre. My only other gripe, no live shows in the U.S. I would definitely be front row and center should they make there way this direction. “Cry Havoc” passed both the car test and standard PC speaker test having a very clear and crisp sound with enough bass you could feel it without breaking any windows.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Bitter Memory
2. No Burden
3. Stuck
4. Welcome to Fucktown
Craig McBrearty - Vocals
Peter Tucker - Guitar
Ben Rollinson - Bass
Dean Walker - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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