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Gutter Creek - Gutter Greek Award winner

Gutter Creek
Gutter Greek
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 March 2022, 1:04 PM

The coming of the internet set the stage for a total revolution in many aspects of the daily life of everyone. There are no limits or frontiers anymore, and in music, it allowed an infinite set of possibilities. One example: a band doesn’t to go to a country to have a producer working with it, or there is no need to travel far and find musicians to do something. And GUTTER CREEK is a fine example of it, as stated by the band’s first album, “Gutter Creek”.

The band is a trio, with members from Canada and Denmark gathered ‘together’ (once more, remember Internet) to do something. On the band’s ranks, guys with experience, with names as WRECK DEFY, ARTILLERY, DENIED and ALPHAKILL, and they work on a way of traditional Heavy Metal. Of course such works are enough to depict what they do, because they show a great personality when blending melodies and aggressiveness together (in reality, their music has the aggressive impact of Modern Traditional Heavy Metal bands), and some influences from Hard Rock (take a bit on “Hellryder” to hear such aspect clearly). And even with the genre not being new, the way they play is hard to resist, and has an amazing energy. The production worked in a way that allows the band’s music to flow as it has to: clean, defined, but aggressive and full of weight. And the instrumental tunes were chosen wisely, enabling the band to have the right impact.

The album presents nine very good songs that are able to catch the fans in the first listen. But to begin with, pay attention of what they’re able to do with songs as “At Peace With Misery” (a traditional Heavy Metal song filled with and aggressive weight based on massive guitar riffs, and what lovely chorus is presented on it), “Never Back Down” (another excellent set of melodies and great chorus, with a crushing work from bass guitar and drums), “No Slave Religion” (a song filled with many melodic hooks, contrasting the silk instrumental parts with the nasty tunes of the vocals), “Hellryder” (a song filled with accessible Hard Rock elements, but the core of it is heavy and abrasive), “Slipping Through the Scars” and “Nomad” (both songs are showing a blend between the classic and melodic catchy approach used by JUDAS PRIEST and ACCEPT, with very good guitars and backing vocals), “Serpent King” (this one shows the Hard ‘n’ Heavy appeal of traditional Heavy Metal from the 80’s, based in excellent guitars), “Mesmerized” (a melancholic sheath is used to give a melodic body to the song, and what great screamed vocals), and “Silent Killers” (what great set of melodies that are easy to assimilate, with the right balance between weight, aggressiveness and melodies). Yes, there’s no way of leaving one song out of the list, so don’t be lazy and listen to it.

After hearing “Gutter Creek”, all that’s left to say is that the Metal fans deserve that GUTTER CREEK can offer another album, that the band won’t stop on just one release. They’re too great.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. At Peace With Misery
2. Never Back Down
3. No Slave Religion
4. Hellryder
5. Slipping Through the Scars
6. Nomad
7. Serpent King
8. Mesmerized
9. Silent Killers
Søren Adamsen - Vocals
Matt Hanchuck - Guitars
Doug Piercy - Guitars (session)
Justin Stear - Bass (session)
Derrick Kroll - Drums
Record Label: Doc Gator Records


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