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Gutter Instinct - The Insurrection Award winner

Gutter Instinct
The Insurrection
by Calen Nesten at 14 June 2015, 4:32 PM

Death metal acolytes GUTTER INSTINCT formed in 2012 in Helsingborg, Sweden. A year later they released their demo “Obedience” which was praised across the metal world. And now, in 2015, GUTTER INSTINCT has released their four track EP “The Insurrection”. For now, the EP is only available on 12' vinyl and in limited quantities, which you can order from their label, Prosthetic Records.  GUTTER INSTINCT is not your typical death-metal act. The band borrows a lot of elements from many different sub-genres, what I noticed most predominantly is the thrash and grind influence present in GUTTER INSTINCT's music. The unrelenting buzzing of the guitars reminds me of bands like FUCK THE FACTS and SKARP, while the drums and bass are slightly reminiscent of MUNICIPAL WASTE or D.R.I. It seems to me that GUTTER INSTINCT is not content on a particular sound, they want to push the barriers of the death genre, not just musically, but lyrically as well. GUTTER INSTINCT is different from many death-metal bands, they sing about corporate greed, anti-fascism, and a myriad of social issues while avoiding genre-pandering clichés. Essentially, their lyrics aren't the run of the mill “blood demons gnawing at the flesh of the unbaptized dead” that flood the death genre and lack any real sort of depth.

Changing the way a genre is presented and having the ability to mix different genres is nothing strange or new, experimentation is what keeps the scenes and genres we all love fresh and alive. GUTTER INSTINCT is unique enough to set them apart from other bands but not so experimental that it makes them unapproachable or pretentious. While the new EP just came out this year, GUTTER INSTINCT has also announced news of a full-length album coming late 2015 or early 2016. They promise that the album will have a significantly darker and brutal sound, which, if possible, is a thing of terrifying beauty. Like a seagull, disemboweling a tiger.

4 Star Rating

1. War Command
2. Under the Scythe
3. The Invisible Hand
4. We Hate You
Thomas Ernemyr - Vocals
Oscar Persson - Guitar
Hannes Hellman - Guitar
Simon Isaksson - Bass
Ola Håkansson - Drums
Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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