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Gutvoid - Durance of Lightless Horizons

Durance of Lightless Horizons
by Allen Peters at 10 October 2022, 9:47 AM

Toronto Doom Death Metal band GUTVOID and Blood Harvest Records, together, have just released “Durance of Lightless Horizons”.  It is always fun to explore something completely fresh and new and that is what we have here. Another great cover, I’m digging the burning towers. Sometimes that’s a good sign as to what follows when you obviously have great artists and input in all elements of the design details. Let’s see what kind of “riffage” these guys can put on us. I am feeling optimistic.

Trodding along slowly but relentlessly, the low growls are taking their time in confirming where you are and reconfirming where you are going. Progressively speeding up as we go, this nine minute plus song seems to have a lot to say. It is not in a big hurry to get there though. It seems to be all about the journey and not the destination. Vocally unique, it all works well with what they are trying to achieve. The overall production is well above par, that is obvious before we have even made it to song number two.

In Caverns It Lurks,” it picks up the tempo a little bit. Sounding like a cave dwelling creature vocally as well a possible Halloween theme song, the deep echos will set the tone for the current season when you get to this point. The same goes for “Delivered to The Altar Lich,” it starts out like a continuation of the last, but then add a few more brief periods of frantic intensity before calmly slowing again.

The One Who Dwells Beyond Time,” lasted a long time for me. The guitars saved the day with some nice solos, we just needed more of them, or more of something. It all sounded the same to me and not in a good way, besides some brief highlights. Eight plus minutes is a long time for a song sometimes, unless you are PINK FLOYD or THE DEAD. I could have done without about three or four of those minutes at the beginning and end. The middle, I liked.

Skeletal Glyph,” yes! Back in action. This is what we came for. The bad stuff. The evil sounds. The screaming chords and drum beat downs, even a little drum solo was included in this one. Overall, it has a nice groove to keep you in the pocket and interested. I’m not looking at my watch like the last song. This is still a long one, but it has a lot more ingredients, making for a better sauce.

Then we get to number six, the final song and it is what?! Over fourteen minutes long?! What the hell? Are really going to potentially waste 15 minutes of my life? Uh oh. It is starting out sounding exactly like the one a couple back. Eleven minutes to go…  I’m still in the Twilight zone or ground hog day, somewhere too spooky for me. I feel lost. Nine minutes to go… 8. Halfway there…. Is that the spirit of Jerry Garcia or a mirage…? 3 minutes to go…
That’s all I can give it. Let me know how it ended.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 4
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Coils Of Gas – Hewn Filament
2. In Caverns It Lurks
3. Delivered To the Alter Lich
4. The One Who Dwells Beyond Time
5. Skeletal Glyph
6. Wandering Dungeon
Daniel Bonofiglio - Guitar
Justin Boehm – Bass
DW Lee - Drums
Brendan Dean- Guitar/Vocals
Record Label: Blood Harvest Records


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