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Gwar - Lust In Space (CD)

Lust In Space
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 29 August 2009, 8:08 PM

Ok, this is dreadful moment for my 'career' as en editor. I have to write a review about the latest artistic effort of the mighty "Scumdogs Of The Universe". Yeah, I know what you are thinking now: How can someone called Scudog create something that is even close to artistic? No, I cannot answer this one, since Oderus' broadsword will surely take off my head. Or, should I fear more his legendary Cuttlefish?

Nevertheless, "Lust In Space" is what GWAR are seeking to find with their brand new creation that has already spread waves of joy to all their Slaves who live upon this mud-ball known as Earth (quoting from the band's biography). Lust In Space comes next after the very good Beyond Hell that smashed everything and everyone with mighty songs like "Salaminizer" and -of course- "Crush, Kill, Destroy". The Scumdogs continue the unstoppable war that started after their awakening by the pollution of planet Earth and the release of Hell-O back in 1988. Their musical torture commenced with mainly Punk directions but slowly the Thrash elements took over. Alright, they had their time with experimentation in "Ragnarok" and "Carnival Of Chaos" but this was ok because GWAR simply whatever they want and we just follow.

So, what do we have here? Well, to put it simple and straightforward, a fucking great album. The decision to write songs that are based more on the guitars was brilliant. The music is super heavy with a mighty Thrash addition to go with. Balsac and Flattus consist a powerful guitar duo that serves here a great deal of cutting edge riffs that will blow your head off. The homonymous track works also as a intro to this opus and as the guitars enter, turns into a killer thrasher. Oderus sings his lyrics with the appropriate hate for humanity and lays a powerful scream saying Fuck this place. The groovy break and the following SLAYER-esque riff is one of the song's highlights. Actually, there is a lot of guitar work that happens in the background and I dare you to discover every single riff in it or may the wrath of Oderus fall on you! Lets move on to the first video clip for this album that goes with the 'kind' title "Let Us Slay". This one has a nice headbanging rhythm that is perfect to musically 'dress' some bloody beheadings and other on-stage carnage (yep, this includes some fresh babies).

I will not get into a track-by-track description, since I do not want to spoil the joy of discovering them yourself. But, I cannot comment on one of the strongest track of the album entitled Heavy Metal Metal Land. This title is more than perfect for this neck-snapping Thrasher. The guitars really shine here delivering killer riffs and go hand-in-hand with some METAL lyrics: here in Metal Metal Land everything is Rock, everyone is in a band and every girl sucks every cock! These lines are heartbreaking, don't you think? Another song that kicks major ass is "Make A Child Cry". Just imagine; straightforward Thrash (I love the vibrato on the back in the main riff) with some Crossover rhythm guitar finishing touches and Uderus voices screaming make a child cry, make a child die! The rhythm section is a solid wall created by the bass guitar of Beefcake and the massive drum pounding by Jizmak and can be enjoyed to the maximum in the staccato groove of "Release The Flies" that also reveals some MOTORHEAD influences.

I have nothing more to add here. "Lust In Space" is among us to remind us that the war against Earth and the humans is still on! GWAR will never lay down their weapons and will only leave from this planet after it has been blown to pieces. So, don't waste your time and become a Slave of GWAR and help them accomplish their goal.

4 Star Rating

Lust In Space
Let Us Slay
Damnation Under God
The UberKlaw
Lords And Masters
Metal Metal Land
The Price Of Peace
Where Is Zog
Make A Child Cry
Release The Flies
Parting Shot
Oderus Urungus - Vocals
Balsac The Jaws Of Death - Guitar
Flattus Maximus - Guitar
Jizmak Da Gusha - Drums
Beefcake The Mighty - Bass
Record Label: AFM Records


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