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Gwar - The Bloody Pit Of Horror

The Bloody Pit Of Horror
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 11 November 2010, 5:11 PM

Less than a year has pasted since GWAR’s previous attempt to conquer the Earth and consequently destroy the human race and here we are getting a second blow, right in the bull’s eye. The mighty Scumdogs Of The Universe return and bring with them a hearty Bloody Pit Of Horror.

In “Lust In Space” GWAR brought the guitars one step forward and made their sound heavier than ever, following the trend from the “Violence Is Here” release that hit the human race in 2001. To my delight this infamous act/ band with the cutting edge humour has put additional work in the guitars, making this album literally explosive. “The Bloody Pit Of Horror” starts impressively with the self-titled quadrology that brings zombies and ghouls to fight on the side of the Scumdogs. I tell you, the finger-work in the riff album opener in “Zombies March!” is insane. This track is ultra-heavy with a down tuned sound that screams Thrash, highlighting the band’s aforementioned trend to sink its teeth deeper into the Metal side of GWAR. There is absolutely no doubt that this works perfectly fine (and heavy of course) while the solid rhythm section turns down walls with a massive bass guitar sound.

Oderus brings as always the trademark Oderus-lyrics like the heart breaking “you are a woman I am a man, you are my meat, get in the pan among others. It is just a shame that the promo album does not include the lyrics and one has to listen closely and enjoy Oderus’ lyricism and caustic humour to the maximum. “Come To The Carnivore” sounds almost doom Metal with a mighty heavy slow tempo, until “A Gathering Of Ghouls” hits back with some killer leading riffs and an almost EXODUS backbone. Here, the drum work brings additional magic in the Thrash profile of this album that I bet will make more GWAR slaves after hitting the stores in the mid November. Trust me, you will snap your neck headbanging against the guitar riff break somewhere in the middle of the track. But, don’t you think that GWAR have forgotten their musical roots, since the most enjoyable crossover rhythm section shines during the fast “Beat You To Death” with an addictive tempo that brought to my mind the mighty D.R.I.

Among the heavy songs you will find a killer power ballad with heart melting lyrics and clean “Seasons In The Abyss” guitar arpeggios and many killer leads. GWAR sound unstoppable and put the pedal to the Metal with faster tempos in “Hail, Genocide!” and the following “KZ Necromancer” (who is also a fancy dancer) with the trademark almost spoken vocals, the SLAYER-esque guitar leads and yet another headbanging groove.

I don’t know why GWAR have not managed to destroy the human race (maybe it is funnier to watch the human doing it themselves) but “The Bloody Pit Of Horror” is one step towards their goal. Even if you find their lyrics too humorous for your delicate taste or you cannot (or scarred to) attend a GWAR bloody concert, this album will make you reconsider. Seriously, this is a Thrash album!

4 Star Rating

  1. The Bloody Pit Of Horror - Pt. 1: Zombies March!
  2. The Bloody Pit Of Horror - Pt. 2: Come The Carnivore
  3. The Bloody Pit Of Horror - Pt. 3: A Gathering Of Ghouls
  4. The Bloody Pit Of Horror - Pt. 4: Storm Is Coming
  5. Tick-Tits
  6. Beat You To Death
  7. You Are My Meat
  8. Hail, Genocide!
  9. KZ Necromancer
  10. The Litany Of The Slain
  11. Sick And Twisted
Oderus Urungus - Vocals
Balsac The Jaws Of Death - Guitar
Jizmak Da Gusha - Drums
Flattus Maximus - Guitar
Beefcake The Mighty - Bass
Record Label: AFM Records


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Edited 06 December 2022

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