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Gypsy Pistoleros - Para Siempre (CD)

Gypsy Pistoleros
Para Siempre
by Yiannis Zervos at 28 January 2008, 8:42 AM

No doubt, Spanish culture has an amazing feeling, a philosophy that is centered to human passions, flaws and of course the inner flame for love. Honestly I believe that the times that Flamenco music met Rock are a few (the infamous flamenco break in  Innuendo by QUEEN comes in mind). GYPSY PISTOLEROS dare to mix Sleaze Dirty Rock with the Flamenco and Spanish musical roads.

Lead vocalist Lee J came up with the GYPSY PISTOLEROS concept while he was leaving in Zaragosa (Spain), and this unique sound attracted the interest of Hard Rock around the world. Their first studio attempt was Wild, Beautiful, Damned!, was released in June 2007 and sold 20.000 copies the day that came out. 6 months later, we have in our hands an updated form of Wild, Beautiful, Damned! with different production and two additional songs.

Para Siempre kicks in with Shotgun Kiss Is Ay Que Dolor and shows the intentions of GYPSY PISTOLEROS with Flamenco guitar solo this time with the electric instead of the classical guitar and half English half Spanish lyrics. Un Hombre Sin Rostro, Pistolero has the angry-screamin' chorus that Sleaze Glam bands tent to use. GYPSY PISTOLERO has the attitude that MOTLEY CRUE create with their sound and songs.

For the production of Para Siempre famous Joe Gibb (JANE'S ADDICTION, THE CURE, Madonna, CATATONIA, TEXAS, THE KINKS) came in and created a bigger sound for PISTOLEROS at Mighty Atom Studios in Wales.

Una Para Todo Es Bandido! begins with the familiar classical flamenco guitar and then the rest of the band kicks in aggressively with fast Rock rests and trumpet melodic lines in the chorus background. One of the additional songs that Para Siempre offers, is the cover of Ricky Martin's infamous universal hit song Livin' La Vida Loca that GYPSY PISTOLEROS deliver in a sleaze HANOI ROCKS plus DEAD KENNEDYS punk way. Generally PISTOLEROS try to include big hit songs in their music, like Nancy Sinatra's Bang, Bang that you can listen in Chicas Peligrosa and a glimpse of RAMONES' Pinhead in 1-2-3-4 Kiss Me Then I'm Damned For Sure.

Our friends from Espangland (as they call England) brought a unique sound and a different view of Sleaze Glam Rock. When you mix OJOS DE BRUJO with MOTLEY CRUE you get GYPSY PISTOLEROS, that have what it takes to establish themselves in the Rock music business. The only thing that PISTOLEROS have to do now is to come up with original musical ideas.

3 Star Rating

Shotgun Kiss Is Ay Que Dolor
Un Hombre Sin Rostro, Pistolero
Forever Is Para Siempre
Senor Mangi Acqui
What's It Like To Be A Girl In The House Of 1000 Dolls?
Jet, Jet, Jet Boyz
Una Para Todo Es Bandido!
Livin' La Vida Loca
Chicas Peligrosa
The Crazy Loco Loquito
Switchblade Kiss Comes Close
1-2-3-4 Kiss Me Then I'm Damned For Sure
Lee J Pistolero - Lead vocals
Iggie Pistolero - Guitars
Angel Pistolero - Bass
Leeroy Pistolero - Drums
Record Label: Bad Reputation


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