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Gyze - Black Bride
 Award winner

Black Bride

by Charlotte ''Downright Destructive'' Lamontagne at 08 August 2015, 5:21 PM

With glorious melodies and elaborate rhythms, the Japanese trio, GYZE, incorporate many influences into their growing discography, building towards a Melodic Death Metal. Raging with a driven madness, ''Black Bride'' and its devastating fires present on the cover art really do spread an ambiance of quests and combat. With its victorious tone and insane technicality, the record could easily pass for a Scandinavian release and, though the Death influences give a harsher sound to the record than Folkloric metal generally does, the imagery of Power and Folk will surely cross your mind. As the androgynous-looking trio goes on with tremendous solos and perfected partitions, soon, you will realize they hold a force to reckon with…

From beginning to end, the interpretation and it's insane energy build an impressive record. Through the power of driven guitars and angry roars, the hammering drums set a furious tide. Heroic and triumphant, the miscellaneous partitions and structures tend to take up most of the attention. In its entirety, the record transmits a sharp tone with great emotions, but a particularly rapid, technical groove. With much ambition, the 12-song record alternates from breakneck glorious to superb, Melo/Death keyboard leads and elevating melodies. While the undeniably confident music rages with a unique fury, the mean and powerful growls polish the overall product, creating an album filled up with interpretation and effectiveness. The infrequent clean vocals, while possessing an interesting quality, do suck up the brutal effect from time to time, but the low, dominant screams take the power back. With air passing through the throat, vocalist Ryoji dictates the orders, as the instruments lead the way. With impressive, utterly complex tracks, the Tokyoite prodigies destroy every bit of humanity, before reconstructing it all. Meticulously played through the hour-long record. The surreal talent emanating from ''Black Bride'' will leave you in awe… Or maybe headbanging for days and days.

By all means, the overly polished up sound quality and worked up ideas, the tons of efforts and thoughts given to the record frame an epic, explosive result. Through the occasional classical arrangements, the crushing riffs and their ever so complex instrumentals draw the record with confidence and force. ''Black Bride'', with ambition, creativity and professionalism, thrives on splendor and strength. Without mentioning the massive, imposing technicality, GYZE sure know how to attract the attention in its entirety.

4 Star Rating

1. Black Bride
2. In Grief
3. Honesty
4. Insane Brain
5. Black Shadow
6. Winter Breath
7. Twilight
8. Satanic Loop
9. Nanohana
10. Julius
11. Asuhenohikari
12. Gnosis
Ryoji - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Producer
Aruta - Bass, Vocals
Shuji - Drums
Record Label: Coroner Records


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