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Robespierre - Garden Of Hell

Garden Of Hell
by Tiffini Taylor at 17 April 2018, 9:34 AM

ROBESPIERE formed in Liverpool, England and with only a couple of demos under their belt, the band has a cult following. Their music is considered Speed Metal by many, which is very true but it does have a very strong Punk feel to it as well. It is an extreme style of Speed Punk to say the least. It is loud, fast, and will rock one’s socks off.

The first track titled “Punish Oppressors” begins with a guitar and vocals that shows how a Punk influence can completely change Speed Metal. The Punk scene from the late seventies, early eighties would be totally proud of this one. Another stand out on the album is one called “Dwelling In The Shadows”. The drums in the start of this song is impressive with the guitar coming in it is something of magic. It is more of a slower style, but still very Punk influenced. This is an unique take on all Punk music formed into one song and it works well. The guitar solo is wonderful and shows how many years of practice can make something special.

Throughout this album, the guitars and drums are well played. This album will make one re-think what Speed Metal and Punk is. This is a great thing though. It will make one open their ears and mind to what to listen to. The seventh track on the album is “Dagon Rises”. This has an eerie beginning that leads into hard-driven guitars and drums. This is hauntingly good. Another song that needs pointing out is “Welcome to The Cult”. The band literally welcomes fans to a cult. This is interesting since they have a cult following, as it is. It’s a nice fast paced song that fans and others will love. It is unmistakably a fun song that one can move to with good guitars and good drums.

The last song is titled “I Am A Flower (In The Garden Of Hell)” starts with a nice guitar beginning it is almost dream-like. Tt is the best that this album offers; a favorite. It has good drum beats and wonderful guitars. In some haunting way, it is a love song. This album is magical, it shows what Punk is and shows Punk is not dead (by the way Punk is not dead is a good comic book series).

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Punish Oppressors
2. Mare Of Steel
3. Dwelling In The Shadows
4. Feel The Fire
5. The Black Mirror
6. Men Of Violence
7. Dagon Rises
8. Fear
9. Welcome To The Cult
10. I Am A Flower (In The Garden Of Hell)
David Cooke – Vocals and Guitars
Gordon Logan - Drums
Roger Clegg - Bass
Record Label: BBDAT, Shadow Kingdom Records


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