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The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-Li

The Great Old Ones
by Jessica Howkins at 19 May 2014, 9:28 PM

In life, every person will encounter the same question or we will engage in the same conversation about whether or not Heaven and Hell are real or just made up stories that people like to believe in, in order to act like better people so we don’t get sent to the torturous depths of Hell.

THE GREAT OLD ONES? They hail from the deepest parts of Hell (this doesn’t mean they or fans are all Satan worshipping goat killers). Their music is dark and extreme; it is influenced on going to the darkest places and bringing back just a teaser of what is down there. If you ask me, this place seems a whole lot better than going somewhere all sweet and innocent.

“Tekeli-li” is a beautiful mix from beginning to end of Experimental, Extreme and Black Metal. Each side of the spectrum fuse together neatly in order to create the unique sound that THE GREAT OLD ONES throw out. The band have delivered what they have wanted to deliver and more with this release and fans will be absolutely delighted with this furious and heavy album. Whatever success “Tekeli-li” brings to THE GREAT OLD ONES, they will deserve as it is a genuine masterpiece to lovers of Extreme and  Black Metal (Let’s just call it Blaxtreme Metal for now, shall we?)

Having given so much praise towards “Tekeli-li”, it isn’t every listeners cup of tea. There are certain tracks that you have to listen to a fair amount of times over for it to actually grow on you such as “Awakening”. Certain tracks have more power to keep the listener intrigued and involved in the album than others which is sadly a let-down as an artist should have to keep that consistency throughout the entire album.

Overall “Tekeli-li” is a brilliantly crafted album, whilst it doesn’t have a consistent strength to it – it makes up for with the intelligence that these musicians have to make such a unique and passionate form of art. Whether it’s your cup of tea or not, you simply cannot take away the effort and the great amount of talent THE GREAT OLD ONES have.

3 Star Rating

1. Je Ne Suis Pas Fou
2. Antarctica
3. The Elder Things
4. Awakening
5. The Ascend
6. Behind The Mountains
Benjamin Guerry – Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Grimal – Guitar/Vocals
Xavier Godart – Guitar
Sébastien Lalanne – Bass
Léo Isnard - Drums
Record Label: Les Acteurs De l'Ombre Productions


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