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Hellion Rising - Eight Of Swords Award winner

Hellion Rising
Eight Of Swords
by Lauryn Plummer at 23 October 2014, 8:32 PM

Five guys out of Newcastle – Upon Thyme have come to show the world what they are made of. And to be quite honest, this EP is a brilliant example of this. Starting with “With Brick Of Bones And Blood As Mortar” is an edgy start to a six track EP. It reminds me of when a band is about to enter on to stage and you hear the guitars getting ready and all the other noises that you hear in anticipation, it makes you excited to want to hear what’s next. Which is track number two “The Beast” you know you have those songs where it sound like a robot shutting down, well here is another example, a quiet start, a robot shutting down before kicking in with a repeating riff. A kind of riff that makes the song sound like an actual beast, but a good beast. It also reminds me of a Halloween sort of theme tune. Makes sense really “The Beast” could be something you dress up as. Not to mention the fantastic vocal range from Matt Adamson where his screams come out of nowhere and it just hits you in the face.

Thirdly we have “Wretch Nailed Tongue” now if you listen to the drums at the beginning they sound exactly like a lot VAN HALEN  so my compliments to drummer Adam Telford, his talents are not gone a miss throughout the EP. You get about halfway through the song expecting the tack to be over but then it comes back and it ends with a brilliant solo, it’s just a great way to end a song. Next we have “Bereavement Of The Chimes” where you get a nice sounding riff to start with, it’s a definite slower track than the previous 3, however I do have bring up the two guitarists of the band David Reay and Giovanni Camillo their riffs in the song is repeated and keeps the pace in the track. Not to mention the fact that the band mentions the song title in the actual song, some bands don’t actually do that, so this is a good start. Once again the guys try to trick you when you get to the 3 minute mark and you think the song is over and makes you want more (just like the beginning) and then it returns to the repeated guitars and bass lines. The chants at the end of the track certainly link to the title of chimes, you know like when wind chimes repeatedly ring when the wind blows.

“Goat Charmer”, weird name right? Wait till you hear it. The starting riffs and drums, it’s one of those tracks you can just rock out to, like a like a slow head bang chill in your room kind of songs. The 5 slow it down in the middle as Adam keeps the drum rolls going, then you’re hit with a key changing solo. And you just sit there and think wow, these guys are really talented, which I have to hand it to them, they are. Finally we have “Just For Tonight” at the beginning you’d think it was a sad acoustic song because of the beginning riff but it turns into a melodic Metal track, if you can call it that. Even the lyrics “Just For Tonight let me put it right”. It just fits with the kind of vibe you get from the track. Melodic rhythm continues through to the middle before there are some interesting drum fills and more melodic solos. Until around 3:40 it picks up as a song, and you’d think that it was a completely different song, it’s amazing how much a song can change just by changing the pace. To me I think it’s a great way to end such a cleverly written EP. Watch out the HELLION RISING guys are coming.

4 Star Rating

1. With Bricks Of Bone And Blood As Mortar
2. The Beast
3. Wretched Nailed Tongue
4. Bereavement Of The Chines
5. Goat Charmer
6. Just For Tonight
Matt Adamson – Vocals
David Reay – Guitar
Giovanni Camillo – Guitar
Kieran Cant – Bass
Adam Telford – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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