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Deceptor - Chains Of Delusion

Chains Of Delusion
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 February 2013, 11:03 AM

Musical experimentalism, a long enduring series of try outs to be something else, and standout in front of many that tried to be the next thing in line but failed miserably. For old school fans it would be probably sound odd because years ago everything was more or less simple to comprehend. Well, I guess you were wrong because not the entire collection of bands, even back in the classic years as the 80s, tried to create new things like Death Metal for instance or later on Black Metal and I am positive that I don’t have to continue with Metal’s development. Here is got an interesting case of a fair will to be above the rest, the normal ones, a true courageous group from the UK that made interested in their work, even with its utter rawness and lack of completion. DECEPTOR, a young group hailing from Birmingham (how nice as one of the first Metal cities), have been to get it all, bite the necks of their listeners with crushing Metal rooted hard in the 80s with strong influences from NWOBHM and JUDAS PRIEST along with the severer and sterner elements of early MEGADETH, early ATHEIST, early VOIVOD and early CORONER but with a few blinks toward the genre’s later developmental or I might say technical stages.

“Chains Of Delusion”, via Shadow Kingdom Records, is certainly not the band’s first attempt to shoot with ample, raw as hell, mechanical styled Thrash Metal. I don’t know about their production values but maybe the primitive / basement type of recording is a part of the kick. Though as complex as it would appear to be, its immaturity and atavism signalled of what seemed to be the band’s lack of experience or too much taste, unmethodical so called progressive arrangements that sounded senseless in a way (because even in Progressive Metal there is a fracture of logic) and the forced eagerness to achieve greatness without looking back. On the other hand, I have to give these boys a credit for their determination; they surely aimed to provide a hell of a show. Through their playing, at least individually, and not as a band, have supreme abilities as a bassist, guitarist and drummer. The vocals, both the harsher shrieks and the clean vocal raspy and high register pitches, needs to be worked on and fast. I think that even in such visceral type of music like the band’s way of Thrash, the vocals should be recognized as well as one of the power tools of a band. “Sentient Shackles” at least sounded as a song with a more or less a structure that could admired. I liked the chorus, pure and simple, highly 80s oriented. I also enjoyed the shifts between the Heavy Metal outputs to the slashing CORONER segments. “Walking Dust” began with a bang, a powerful intro, old school to the letter right before it became a traditional Metal fan’s nightmare (maybe a good one because I could handle it). What was interesting was that I could sense the 90s orientations but mixed with such an old brand production, something to listen time and time again. I would say the same of several of the song’s fragments.

To conclude this performance, DECEPTOR tried to be nearly everything with their audacious output. They still have a way to go and start treating their song a little bit more. I like their energies, motivation and their respect for old school Speed / Thrash Metal, but still some work needs to be done before a full length.

3 Star Rating

1. Transmission I
2. To Know Infinity
3. Heatseeker
4. Transmission II
5. Sentient Shackles
6. Walking Dust
Paul Fulda - Bass / Vocals
Sam Mackertich - Guitar / Vocals
James Ashbey - Drums
Record Label: Shadow Kingdom Records


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