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H.E.A.T. - Address The Nation Award winner

Address The Nation
by YngwieViking at 02 April 2012, 2:47 PM

The first H.E.A.T album was a real surprise back then… These young guys sounded like a cross between RED DAWN and EUROPE… The production wasn't perfect but the music itself was! Their sound was (and still is) remarkably refreshing / juvenile but also traditional and respectful. I mean all was about music, no gimmicks / no tricks… The hot-blooded singer Kenny Leckremo was also a winning ace in their sleeves. Finally, their 1st torrid / self titled album was at the very top of my 2008 Ranking.

When time for album N°2 clocks, I was already a little cooled: disappointed by their stage delivery and the songs provided, although interesting, were not as catchy and inventive, good but not exceptional… So was it a fluke? When Leckremo quitted for good after some wavering lukewarm hesitations, I thought that the fiery hearth was extinguished! The quick recruitment of TV hero / 2009 Swedish Idol winner, Erik Gronwall at the singer position, left me unsure and almost numb / cold.

Now, I can say one thing, I was unfair in 2 words: Fuckin' wrong… This album is in the same exciting vein of previous album… The music flows easily like melted lava, this is Groovy Scandi-AOR at it ‘s best… Huge-Mutt Lange’s-like gang-backing-vocals… Wall of keys… Great Rockin' but subtle tasty guitar tone… But most of all a very impressive and exalted vocalist… Not very far from Leckremo's hottest performances but even more consistent. Each track is a new highlight… In the same time smooth, comfortable and easy to catch but also gushing, surprising and adventurous with hooks almost anywhere along the way.

Only a little knot: the dispensable Saxophone in the mellow but excellent track "In and Out of Trouble"… Except for that tiny critical remark…"Address The Nation" It's a real hectic killer… It is an absolute overheated winner in every way… I talk about a hot peak and a real high point in the future final burning top… The perfect AOR album for 2012???…. I don't want to praise it too much, as it could be unproductive at the end… Nevertheless, that's a pure blazing jewel… So take your fingers out of #ù* ¤£$ µ!!§ ?§… And buy it.


4 Star Rating

1. Breaking The Silence
2. Living On The Run
3. Falling Down
4. The One And Only
5. Better Off Alone
6. In And Out Of Trouble
7. Need Her
8. Heartbreaker
9. It’s All About Tonight
10. Downtown
Eric Rivers - Lead Guitar
Jona Lee - Keyboards
Dave Dalone - Lead Guitar
Erik Gronwall - Lead Vocals
Jimmy Jay - Bass
Crash - Drums
Record Label: Ear Music / Gain / Sony Music


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