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HAAR – The Wayward Ceremony

The Wayward Ceremony
by Yoav at 21 June 2015, 6:17 PM

HAAR come to us from Scotland and they deliver great Atmospheric Black Metal on their debut album "The Wayward Ceremony”. I liked this one from the first few minutes and it got me into this great state which gets you just wondering what the next riff will be, wanting to keep listening and know before you hear the next song it's gonna be great. Because these guys just know what they are doing. Sound wise we have a pretty clean recording, for me it's usually a downer on black metal albums because I like the roughness but it works here with what HAAR are doing and it's not too clean.

I'd like to start with the third song "An Animus For Altered States". It has this great lead that just makes this song really good. It gets in your mind. Around 5 minutes into the song there is a half time part that really gets you in the mood followed by a slower muddier part that really gets you discussed – but in a good way. This one ends with some sort of a half squeaking violin half an alarm half scratching glass.

The next one starts with clean guitars and a tom based drum part. Great dynamics for this band, that don’t play full power all the time. I like the vocals of Gareth. Very angry yet somewhat suffering he shouts the lyrics at you, giving the great final touch for the album atmosphere. Many long songs on this album filled with slow muddy atmospheric parts.

We are on the title track "The Wayward Ceremony" that starts as well with clean guitars followed with a distorted slow open riff accompanied by blast-beats on the drum, not something that happens a lot in this album. After the blast-beat we go back into the clean guitars with vocals and again to blast-beats with a great lead guitar. I really like how they play that open slow riff on the fast drums.

I like this album and will definitely get it for some time on my music player to listen to it without thinking about what to write. Just give it the full respect.

4 Star Rating

1.  All Man's Redemption
2.  Sow The Seeds Of Decimation
3.  An Animus For Altered States
4.  The Burden Of Perdition
5.  The Wayward Ceremony
6.  Coronal Mass Infection
7.  Outro
Gareth - Vocals
Steve – Bass
Guillaume – Guitars
Hamish MacKintosh – Drums
Record Label: Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum


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