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Habitual Sins - Personal Demons

Habitual Sins
Personal Demons
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 08 March 2017, 6:23 PM

It is a complicated issue, walking through the depths of person’s soul, especially if it is drowned in darkness. To describe the sights and emotions with words and music is somewhat of a challenge for a composer to undertake. However, when looking back, and even nowadays, various of artists have been stuck with this form of art, and I may call it art, to walk listeners through their mysterious edges of themselves, which some might not be friendly. The US Metal newcomer band HABITUAL SINS, displaying veterans of the old school Metal scene, musicians that walked the plank, saw and performed for decades,, came to life to provide the essence’s image, a token what’s lurking inside along with a few outer experiences. Recently hailed by Pure Steel Records, the band issued their debut album “Personal Demons”. I trust that this title would provide the slightest hint of what is coming.

The first thing that came to my mind is BLACK SABBATH, but more of its slow tempo tunes of utter Doom Metal, later on it felt like a simpler version of the later 80s era of CANDLEMASS, yet with guitar melodies that shoved me back to the powerful influence of American Power Metal. It is fortunate that the US scene still maintains a legacy when it comes to the fusion of hard to the bone Metal and melodic approach. However, with HABITUAL SINS it felt even further morbid, an uncontained magical blasphemy, slightly crossing into the occult. I guess that my perception was generated due to the evilized vocals delivery of Matthew Bizilia, ex-ICARUS WITCH, and alongside the low tune groove riffs surrounding him. I can’t argue with the quality of the music, which is quite impressive, yet I also felt that it needed additional drive and energy while less being laid back, swallowed by slow-mid tempos at their basic of forms, and I am one of those traditional die-hard maniacs.

Highlights worth mentioning are “Ravens”, “Watch the Fire Rise”, “Kiss Of Shame”, “I Pray For You” and “Down Here In Sodom”. Similar to the others, there is a strong echo of the later 80’s Heavy Metal, crossing time and time again with the arches of Doom. Though mentioned as the best efforts, these songs’ generated vibe is not overwhelming, not leaving a substantial mark for continuance, especially when it is down to the going beyond the rudimentary structure. Sure I liked the soloing and the melodies, which several hinted epic proportions, and of course the emotive vocals and larger sum of the riffs, yet I think that it is possible to excel what was done here into a much better form.

To constantly follow the vibe of the 80s is a pure must, remaining true to the patterns that made this genre so great. With HABITUAL SINS’ sense towards the inner, personal, gloom, there is no limit to the depth that one can get sucked into. Bottom line, their direction is intriguing.

3 Star Rating

1. Ravens
2. The Djinn
3. Far Beyond Hades
4. Watch the Fire Rise
5. The Prince of Wallachia
6. Kiss of Shame
7. I Pray for You
8. Forever Be Tormented
9. Down Here in Sodom
10. When the Inquisition Calls
Jim Dofka  - Guitars
Steve Pollick - Guitars / Keyboards
Matthew Bizilia - Vocals / Percussion / Bass / Keyboards / Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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