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Habu – Distant Thunder Award winner

Distant Thunder
by Jojo "Rocket Queen" Hamilton at 30 March 2020, 12:44 PM

HABU are ea 3 man band from East Anglia who just love music, whether it be listening to music, writing new music or performing. They just can’t get enough! The band list some of they’re influences as BLUE OYSTER CULT, AEROSMITH, RUSH & GENESIS. They bring us their 3rd album release called “Distant Thunder,” which was released on March 7th 2020. The Progressive Rock band from England give us 8 new songs on the new album which are sweet to the ear and is great to listen to. Having previously released “To The Stars” & “Infinite” in 2014 & 2016 respectively, 2020 brings us the 3rd album “Distant Thunder” with a similar feel but fresh new songs to sing to. The vocals on the album are crisp & clear to be heard, the guitar & bass riffs rip through like wind through the trees. The drum beats are timed perfectly to sooth us into the music.

Whirlwind” is the opening track on the new album. It’s a song that tells us like it is, The song is concise & straight to the point. The guys make things true to life with the lyrics. The music in this song is played well & makes your head start to swing. Song number 3 “Wireless” is a slow paced easy listening type song. The song has a some quality instrumentals in it you just have to tune into. The music is bold & strongly played. “Nuke The Moon” opens with a few words about a nuclear explosion on the moon & is a bit of a story about the nuclear arms race. It’s got to be noted as the highlight of the album for me, I have enjoyed the story theme it has to it. Closing the album is “Goodbye” which opens up with gentle acoustics. It’s a softly played song with a caressing rhythm to it. An excellent song to close the album with in my opinion.

Overall I think “Distant Thunder” is a great album, one I’d listen to a few time I think. It’s a great Progressive Rock album with easy listening music & sound lyrics that make the album one that’s not to be missed. I think the band show they have came a good distance so far & have a lot farther to go in times to come. The acoustics in the album were particularly good. I can say I really enjoyed the album & would recommend it highly. Just what you need when you can’t leave the house, stick on “Distant Thunder” and crank up the volume!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Whirlwind
2. Panorama
3. Wireless
4. The Arrow
5. Nuke The Moon
6. These Walls
7. Operation Paperclip
8. Goodbye
Andy Clarke – Vocals, Guitars
Alex Body – Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Alex Dunbar – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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