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Hackneyed - Carnival Cadavre

Carnival Cadavre
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 19 October 2011, 7:25 PM

Some folks won't be going to any circus this time soon, or the phobia will remain, probably never. I know there is a fear of clowns, but the newfound fear that the German modern Death Metallers HACKNEYED inflicted upon their listeners with their third deathly enterprise, "Carnival Cadavre", via Lifeforce Records, is different and atrocious. However, as it would seem, "Carnival Cadavre" isn't the brutal profound quality celebration I expected from these hard working Germans.

I didn't know if I was facing an album with a comic nature or that these guys tried to attempt an horrific occurrences surrounding the circus world. Some of the lyrics that I was able to come out with from the intense low end and pig squeal growls of Phil, made me to believe that there is a sort of an evil laughing, maybe a clown's, face behind the words, yet it surly had an obscure way of showing it.

Musically, "Carnival Cadavre", along with the pompous production on display, didn't show any formidable forces. The modernized Death Metal orientation of HACKNEYED collaborated frequently with modern day Hardcore, a mix that didn't quite aid the band in its quest to become the next astounding act. On the contrary, the line of music turned HACKNEYED's efforts into a product that is one of many thus not impressing even though it has the potential of creating havoc.

The album has many signs of repetitiveness. Though the simpler riffs of rough Death Metal embraced by gulps of intensive Hardcore can be a source of fun for headbanging, moshpiting and the works added by a few moments an awkward sensation of spirituality, it would be the birth of the dull moment if the listener is looking for a build up in the tracks. HACKNEYED joined that annoying phrase of "Heard one, heard them all" with this album. Don't be mistaken, HACKNEYED weren't selected to perform in high profile festivals and events because they are pretty suit models, they are talented musicians. However they wrote a somewhat dull material that failed to amount hints of sparkling, bombastic flares.

I don't believe that HACKNEYED is a type of band that will shadow its material level with a hefty production, which by the way all that wasn’t enticing even it hammered in general. They employed some solid examples that proved they had more than the average Joe kickdowns, simple ongoing palm muted chords and annoying squeals. "Maculate Conception" and “Coulrophobia"have both the balls of solid Death Metal along with wicked lead section and pumping energies. "Curse The Obscure" isn't far behind with its intensity that left a mark that there something swelling and beating with might around here.

HACKNEYED are nowhere near to be deemed to failure. Check this one out.

3 Star Rating

1. Raze the Curtain
2. Bugging for Mercy
3. Infinite Family
4. Damn (You're Dead Again)
5. Maculate Conception
6. Coulrophobia
7. Circus Coccus Spirilly
8. Magic Malignacy
9. Feed the Lions
10. Cure the Obscure
11. Holy Slapstick
12. Extra Terroristical
13. Standing Necrovation
Phil– Vocals
Tim- Drums
Devin- Guitars
Juan- Guitars
Tini- Bass
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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