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Hackneyed - Death Prevails (CD)

Death Prevails
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 08 July 2008, 2:10 PM

This is one of the latest promo CD's I got from Nuclear Blast and I really wasn't expecting such a release by a label that has nothing to do with the good old fashioned Nuclear Blast that had some of the best acts out there. After some disappointing Metalcore, melodic Death Metal and pseudo Gothic release, the German label strikes back with a sick and twisted album that will remind you of the old days for sure.

The German metallers HACKNEYED are here with their first ever full-length release, which comes out on Nuclear Blast Records. Their talent and a demo CD with 6 songs were enough to get them a contract with the famous label and they now try to prove the label's instinct right with a really good album that is surely beyond their own imagination.

If I am not mistaken, from what I saw from their photos these guys must be really young. Hell yeah they are. Just check them out and you'll see that the average age of the band is 16 years old! Not to mention that one of the guitarists is 14 years old! It is like watching the beginning of DECAPITATED! Would you expect to find such monstrosity in these kids? I guess not.

The German death metallers deliver an album that is full of some sick and twisted tunes. Brutal Death Metal with a slight essence of groove and some Grind touches here and there is something that will definitely tempt many fans of the extreme Metal scene notice HACKNEYED. Of course I am not talking for the album that will change the Death Metal scene, since they need some extra work in order to enter the Death Metal elite. It is just that they are so young that has amazed me.

Death Prevails is something more than an average Death Metal album, but it needs something extra to sound amazing. The fact is that HACKNEYED have done a marvelous job and I just don't want to think what we may see in some years from now. These guys will definitely kick our fucking ass if they keep up like this. I just want to see the faces of well known Death Metal musicians when they listen to this album.

3 Star Rating

Unseen Enemy
Gut Candy
Axe Splatter
Neon Sun
Worlds Collide
Symphony Of Death
Bone Grinder
Phil - Vocals
Devin - Guitar
Felix - Guitar
Alex - Bass
Tim - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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