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Hadea - Fabric Of Intention

Fabric Of Intention
by YngwieViking at 06 January 2014, 7:56 PM

North Carolina very own HADEA takes its pseudonym after the Hadean era, related in geological history some 4.5 billion years ago. Born after the demise of the controversially tagged Deathcore band GOLLUM (notably “The Core” in 2009 ) that is occurred after the sudden death of original drummer Hunter Holland (R.I.P.), this new band has recently inked an unexpected worldwide deal with the leading Danish Metal label Mighty Music, that ensures HADEA an expert exposure and a full working distribution and promotion, a real asset in their new venture into the realm of the ever changing and difficult little world of Heavy music.

HADEA’s new album titled “Fabric Of Intention” mixes the band early trademark elements with some typical hints from the 90's Groove Metal genre (unluckily not in the right proportion & quantity for my taste) enhanced with some experimentations borrowed from the new American Post-Prog Metal scene, such as MASTODON or INTRONAUT with also some bleak and lackluster Sludge colors (“Larva To Chrysalis”) and even some slight industrial overtones (the poor “Ignis Fatuus”). They also use a lot of obvious TOOL’s like tricks, such as hypnotic patterns (“Fabric Of Intention”), and Dark ambiances (”Nowhere To Be Found”), the style is clearly crafted in order to be evaluative but sometimes it’s too redundant to be classified as Progressive or really experimental, the Sonic-noises capes and the instrumental parts are most of the time interesting at first but far too long to keep the interest running (the eight and half minutes of “Reconstruction Of Our Ways”). However, the Video for their best track “Hinge” is damn cool, in this particular song, the LAMB OF GOD’s influences have taken the best over the Psychedelic / Alternative side and that is a good thing, but the music and stuff are sadly going downhill since then.

The players are ok, sometimes just ok , but the vocals provided by Shawn Corbett are very dynamics, even deliciously vicious from time to time (“Larva To Chrysalis”)  and mostly well done but it’s another time the repetitively trap that’s is the weak point and that also apply to the shriek and the growls that are regularly spiritless or too generic

I strongly believe that this genre holds more talent elsewhere but maybe the Die Hard Fans of this new wave of Metal will find some crackers titles in this “Fabric Of Intention”.

2 Star Rating

1. Hinge
2. Fabric Of Intention
3. One Guarantee
4. Reconstruction Of Our Ways
5. Nowhere To Be Found
6. Source And Creator
7. Malicious Species
8. Sleeper
9. Ignis Fatuus
10. Larva To Chrysalis
Frank Stroehmer - Guitar
Serge Stroehmer - Bass
Shawn Corbett - Vocals
Seth Long - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music / Target Distribution


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