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Haderach - Haderach

by Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier at 05 August 2019, 5:09 AM

HADERACH is a one-man Sci-Fi inspired Stoner/Doom Metal band from Canada.  This self title release is their first album. Jake Hamilton is the mastermind behind this project, playing all the instruments and vocals.  It has three tracks with almost 35 minutes run time making it a digestible album even for one with longer tracks. The opening track, “Rakian Sun,” spends the first few minutes with ambient and atmospheric textures.  The build-up reveals some awesome fuzz layered riffs and bass, with the drums being simple but well done.  The vocals are a clean and a bit higher pitched but work well with the music, which is slow but extremely heavy.  “Rakian Sun,” keeps building upon itself until around the five minute-mark where we are treated to a well-paced grinding Doom riff.

The issue I have with this album is there is just a bit too much build up.  Just as with the first track, “Sands of Exile,” has a few minutes of spacey textures before the song really flows.  Every element in place is well done but I can’t help but feel these songs could had been condensed just a bit.  Still, “Sands of Exile” is a rocker of a track, especially that main riff that just begs to be headbanged to.  The last four minutes of the track is similar to the beginning, with less emphasis on riffs and more attention focused to spacey, ambient tones.

The last track, “Wormrider,” does away with the long-winded intros and immediately gets some riffage going.  I found the approach of using the riffs as more of a drone approach to the song’s intro unique.  The first half the song consists of the vocals & drums set to a heavy, but more blanketed approach to the guitar.  Slow like a glacier, the music rumbles down the landscape to crush all in the path.  The song opens up a bit more towards the end with more intricate riffs and the song finishes with a crushing end.

All in all, I found this album to be enjoyable and look forward to what else Hamilton can do, hopefully by taking out a bit of the long-winded parts for a more cohesive effort.  There are a lot of great moments here of spacey, atmospheric bliss but I just think it needs a bit more focus, get out of its own way and let the songs breathe a bit more.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Rakian Sun
2. Sands of Exile
3. Wormrider
Jake Hamilton – All Instruments & Vocals
Record Label: Loneravn Records


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