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Hades - Damnation (CD)

by Manolis Moundrianakis at 11 June 2001, 9:13 PM

What band has been recording metal since the early 80's yet each release is heavier than it's predecessor? What band loves it's music so much that even after they get signed use their own money to promote their new music? The answer to all these questions is New Jersey's Hades with their sixth release 'Damnation' which similar to all of the bands albums, is heavier than its predecessor.

'Damnation' is a technical as hell album which proves that the band have outdone themselves this time bringing you a steel-like heavy album. In 'Damnation' the speed metal elements are obvious throughout the CD as well as some thrash riffs in the guitars and drums which make you wanna headbang your head so hard and fast until it falls off. The combination of Hades new drum talent Ron Lipnicki and Jimmy Schulman's bass (he was the original Hades bass players who has rejoined the band) makes the band's rhythm section more powerful than ever.

All twelve songs possess an individual personality moving from the complexity of the progressive movement to the speed of thrash metal and all filled with killer heavy riffs . The band is full of creativity and originality which is something really rare nowadays and that shows that these guys really love their music and what they do, not like some other bands which keep producing albums just to earn money, I mean if there's no feeling into it why do it ?.

The production of 'Damnation' is f***ing great! Every note is heard crystal clear, no screeching sounds or noise, I personally couldn't find anything wrong (maybe my hearing is not too good :p )

'Damnation' is an album that should be held as an example for other bands in terms of originality and passion for heavy metal music since most bands just keep on repeating themselves over and over. Rock on guys!!!

4 Star Rating

Out The Window
Force Quit
This I know
Momentary Clarity
California Song
Stop and Go
Bad Vibrations
Alan Tecchio - vocals
Dan Lorenzo - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ed Fuhrman - Guitar
Jimmy Schulman - Bass
Ron Lipnicki - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade


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