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Haeredium - Ascension

by Jean-Francois "Jackal" Poulin at 28 March 2019, 7:10 AM

I have developed an affinity with Folk metal in the last decade or so. I might be far behind the twilight of the genre but I have been listening to this particular style of music a lot more than back in the day nonetheless. It’s not easy to really be original so you have to dig deep in the various countries to get something worthwhile and that it worth your time and effort. Well HAEREDIUM have a unique feel to them and they bring the genre to another level. They took their time for this album and it definitely shows.

The style has been dominated by bands with Middle Eastern influences and the usage of older instruments to get that particular vibe. A simple Folk Metal album has a lot of instrumental parts and a lot of acoustic parts. Well HAEREDIUM wanted to do something quite different. These guys are new at it but their particular sound is really well refined and they sound like veterans of the business. Despite their youthful appearance, they seem super confident in their craft and musicianship. They are definitely a breath of fresh air.

I felt this was more a light-hearted album, the focus is on the melodies and the overall listening experience for the fans out there. This is an album for the music fan, the person that loves to hear good music and it overtakes everything and keeps you on your toes. They seemed to be motivated on giving the fan its money’s worth. You have some loud hard guitars and the overall usage of folk instruments and it’s quite impressive. The arrangements are simple but effective and that organ sound on ‘’Alpha Ursae Minoris’’ is powerful and so emotional. That brass section brings out the best of the band.

‘’From Silence’’ has that piano solo that is poignant and masterful. I don’t know if Alexia has had some classical music background but she does a superb job channeling her inner Beethoven. The song is a bit too long for me but that piano sound really resonates with me. As good as the music is, the downfall or the weakest part of the album is the vocalist. He lacks the proper energy and the real presence to bring the music to another level. He seems a bit uninspired at times and it’s pretty much the only negative part of this album. The band would benefit of a better presence and vocalist to really burst out at the seams.

A solid effort nonetheless!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Wandering
2. Breather
3. Images I Recall
4. Merchant of Lies
5. Fall
6. Euforio
7. From Silence
8. Winds Will Turn
9. Alpha Ursae Minoris
10. Joyride
11. Soif d’affronts et de victoires
12. Storyteller
Seb – Guitars and Vocals
Bastien – Bass
Nicolas – Drums
Quentin – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Alexia – Flute and Keyboards
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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