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Hailmary - Disturbing The Peace

Disturbing The Peace
by Craig Rider at 26 August 2022, 5:57 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: HAILMARY; signed via Eonian Records, hailing from Californian grounds - performing Metal, on their full-length studio debut album entitled: “Disturbing The Peace” (released July 8th, 2022). Since formation in 1989; originally as LEATHERWOLF until their 3rd record entitled: “Street Ready” (released in 1989), the band in question sensed that their musical differences differ and then a legal dispute within another member arose until disregarding that past to start anew as the battle hardened HAILMARY. Not to go too deep into the politics, which you can find yourself elsewhere… I will be covering their debut offering entitled: “Disturbing The Peace” which I am sure you’re more interested in, judging your interest. 11 tracks ranging around 43:43 HAILMARY arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting, triple-axe attacking Metal sextet maelstrom mastery.

Opening up with this riveting yet rollicking remedy; “Mr. Keeper” rumbles with reverberating mobility, distilling a chiseling but catchy foundation in hooky crunchiness and amplified bounciness. Ripping with frolicking gallops and chugging dexterity, guitar axe trio Michael Olivieri (also on lead vocals), Geoff Gayer & Carey Howe all belt a dexterously dynamic virtuosity on some gnarly distortion amongst a southern, stoner sledge vibe into it. Rampantly thudding with groovy distinction and rompy riffage, solid trembles revolve around a chunky calamity in crafting a hefty dose of some sturdy nimbleness while rifting with wildly rushing substance that organically distributes a concretely gritty but flamboyant buoyancy in hybrid experimentation which surges with sulfurous yet volatile shreds which revs up with piledriving synergy. Speaking of rambunctious, Marco Forcone on the hammering drums batters his set with steely yet stompy precision within “The Way I Am”, as a salubrious solo executes a galloping fervor that’s most euphonic.

An audible bass injects a jumpy slab of some thumpy yet infectious flickering abilities from Patrick Guyton, ultlising vehement versatility & some rigid tempo for good measure. Raspy throatiness from Michael exudes in a clean but rawly rough aesthetic, fabricating at a shouty yell of uproarious singing bellows and a hint of some profusely robust strengths that barks immensely with tight soars and dirty grumbles. “Media Lobotomy” has a quintessential quality on tuneful songwriting musicianship, unearthing lots of killer laceration grinds and slaying rhythms that forge a captivating bolt of punchy weightness amongst a thrilling rev of striking pursuits that belt a clobbering attribute in razor-sharp tonality that rips with meaty maelstrom stability. “Be My Suicide” & “The Kid” ramify with old school 80s Heavy Metal with a Glam feel embedded, the sound production comes across as a persistent perseverence on seamless transition of this synthetic with more material. Relentless & snappy, HAILMARY tends to merge everything heavy in one neat package so far. As in the latter manifests with some live-pleasing kicks that makes things memorable, similarly profound within the acoustic-driven ballad “Friends”.

HAILMARY strangely reminds me of STEEL PANTHER, the vocals sound very much like Michael Starr fame but without the crude lyrics and instrumentally harmonic. The throttling motors of “Killing My Dreams” grind impactfully, impulsing an entrancing grandeur in imploding flexibility - fundamentally bulking out some radically wicked beefiness in which revel with mellifluous momentum and bulldozing vigor. Rigourous tenacity showcases some vibrantly potent melody to it, stridently rifting with rummaging strifes & swerving guitar fretting solos within the epic “Crush Of Love”. Where this outre panache tremors with quaking firepower expertise, especially in “D.A.D.”. This tempestuous suave on somewhat jazzy metal symbiosis masquerades with nothing but an enforcing, high-octane feel on magentising yet monolithic zest - providing this vivaciously effervescent jolt on sparky yet upbeat trailblazing that’s most sanguine.

Overall concluding “Disturbing The Peace” with the overall penultimate demo banger “I Don’t Understand” & finale rocker “What’s Your Civilization”; I am compelled to say that HAILMARY offered an intriguing record that fuels a brimming enjoyability in barrage frenzies of some light-hearted, hard rocking musicality. Bottom line; an enriching experience for those who look for a bashful discovery, worthy of spinning & re-playing a good couple of times but isn’t groundbreaking by any means. Maybe on the unorthodox procedure of avant-garde, hard-pressed inventiveness - however, it falls flat a little with the simple structure of it all. Despite that small nit-pick, definitely a distinguished listen which surely deserves an observing probing of the progressively technical nature this machine has become. Certainly outdoing themselves should you fancy a slice of this sub-genre in place (which still remains a little confusing, can’t lie about that - yet it is all piercing metal etiquette in the end). It’s all fun still while towering with pivotal might, do check it out.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Mr. Keeper
2. The Way I Am
3. Media Lobotomy
4. Be My Suicide
5. This Kid
6. Friends
7. Killing My Dreams
8. Crush Of Love
9. D.A.D.
10. I Don’t Understand (Demo)
11. What’s Your Civilization (Demo)
Michael Olivieri - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Geoff Gayer - Guitar
Carey Howe - Guitar
Patrick Guyton - Bass
Marco Forcone - Drums
Record Label: Eonian Records


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