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Hak-Ed Damn – Destructio Purificalis

Hak-Ed Damn
Destructio Purificalis
by Oli Gonzalez at 10 January 2022, 7:14 AM

HAK-ED DAMN are a black metal band hailing from Montreal Quebec, Canada. “Destructio Purificalis” represents the latest effort for the quintet. Given the impressive reviews from their previous work, I was excited get into this review! After listening to “Triomphe De La Mort” and “Chaos Planetaire”, my first impressions were that the guitars are non-traditional from what you’d expect from the black metal genre. I get a more upbeat melodic vibe which is definitely welcome. It’s too easy for bands of this genre to simply thrash out a generic tremolo style riff played across the chromatic scale in order to try and sound “evil”. So props to HAK-ED DAMN for their creativity. The vocals sound interesting, similar to ANAAL NATHRAKH with the high pitched shrieks recorded with high gain. However, during the third song “Desert de Sang” I was honestly wondering what language Zokvist was singing in, such was the lack of diction and enunciation in his voice. That being said, this song sure has a pleasant blackened thrash metal groove, again avoiding getting too closed in with being pure black metal. Apart from this, I honestly feel the album has got off to a weak start. Will things improve?

“Perverses Propheties” has a much more traditional black metal feel. I’m starting to notice much better production values also. Silencer’s drum work is definitely shining through on this song too. I find myself trying to replicate his lightning fast footwork with my imaginary double kick pedal, and fail miserably in the process! Very impressive. I’m starting to feel more optimistic about this album now, now at the midpoint. “Le Clan des Cannibales” is most certainly the highlight of the album for me! I’m loving the AT THE GATES style guitar riff that opens the song, of Scandinavian melodic death metal flavour. This sits beautifully over the solid rhythm section. This song reinforces my assertion that the album may have gotten off to a bad start, but it’s definitely picking up momentum now!

“In Nomine Sanctae Mortis” opens with the sound of Gregorian chants from a choir of monks. A very welcome change, calm, aesthetic and a change of pace. I know that, with this being a black metal album, the heaviness and intensity is about to shatter the calm. As expected, I hear a guitar overlay invading my right ear phone. The chant’s slowly fade out and the intensity of the heavy metal intensity asserts its dominance and overrules. The BEHEMOTH style chromatic power chord progressions, and arpeggio’s shine through, as well as some delicious blast beats! I hear some lower vocal growls combining with Zokvist is a thing of beauty. I need to hear more of this! The monk chants make an appearance later in the song and become the focal point of the song and lead melody. A welcome addition!

My interest is definitely renewed in the album. Both “Errance” and “L'Ultime Ogive” feature more traditional black metal elements, as well as more creative call and response drum fills and half beats. This is definitely a more encouraging ending to the album. Overall, aside from the solid guitar work, there was nothing to truly engage me in the opening few songs. However, the album certainly became stronger as it progressed. There is scope for better production, I felt. At times, it feels rushed and feels like it was recorded in an amateur basement studio. Also, I would prefer lyrics with more enunciation, in order to tell that story being told and allow me to become invested. Overwise, it’s feels like mindless generic screaming.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Triomphe De La Mort
2. Chaos Planetaire
3. Desert de Sang
4. Perverses Propheties
5. Le Clan des Cannibales
6. In Nomine Sanctae Mortis
7. Errance
8. L'Ultime Ogive
Silencer - Drums
Exu - Guitar
Zurhosis - Bass
Vikker - Guitar
Zokvist – Vocals
Record Label: Black Market Label


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