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Halcyon Way - Conquer Award winner

Halcyon Way
by Charlotte "Lotty" Whittingham at 03 August 2014, 9:37 PM

Ever listened to an album, band or song that just blows you away at the first musical note? Well this is what Atlanta Heavy Metal outfit HALCYON WAY have done in the form of their fourth instalment appropriately named “Conquer”. From the first sound of drums in the title track, I am immediately taken with this thunderous beat that in fact stopped me in my tracks.

This Metal force assembled in 2001 and has since released “A Manifesto For Domnation” in 2008, “Building The Towers” in 2010 and “Indoctrination” in 2011. This fourth masterpiece is set to be released in the next few weeks.

As it has been stated on their website; HALCYON WAY’s sound cannot be allotted into one genre of Metal and that is very apparent throughout the whole album. For example one moment I’m thinking their genre is Melodic Death Metal but then the next moment Thrash Metal springs to mind. An example of this can be heard in the vocal work particularly on the track “World Comes Undone” the bands DISTURBED and ALICE IN CHAINS spring to mind at the beginning of the track, then as the track progresses I think of SCAR SYMMETRY and SLAYER.

I personally thought the tracks that present us with what HALCYON WAY can offer are “Conceived In Torment”, “Militant” and “Save Your Tears”. The death and clean vocals work extremely well together in these particular tracks that I think were the strongest part of the songs. These were backed up almighty solos and riffs from the excellent guitar work.

I think that’s one of the most beautiful aspects about the album; there is no set genre and it gives us a great mix of all the key elements of different sub-genres. There was not one single song on the album that I disliked; so far it is one of my favourite Metal albums of 2014. A huge treat for Metal fans everywhere.

5 Star Rating

1. Conquer
2. Web Of Lies
3. Conceived In Torment
4. Home
5. World Comes Undone
6. Militant
7. Hatred Is My Cause
8. The Poisoned Apple
9. Save Your Tears
10. Every Second Counts
11. King Of Ruin
12. Eviscerate The Morning Sun
Steve Braun - Vocals
Jon Bodan – Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals, Death Vocals
Ernie Topran – Lead Drums
Max Eve – Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Skyler Moore – Bass Guitar, Death Vocals
Record Label: Massacre Records


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