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Halford - Live Insurrection (CD)

Live Insurrection
by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 01 April 2001, 12:02 AM

If you really love heavy metal music then you surely know MR. Robert Halford. The Metal God failed us some years ago with some lame releases but I don't think nowadays we care so much about his dark past. We all make mistakes. Maybe back then he did it for money but hell I don't care! He is a person like me and you and he does music for a living and not for a hobby! Last year Rob returned to his metal roots to claim once again the crown of the Metal God from those who just believed that they could cover his throne. I'm not the biggest Judas Priest fan on earth and Rob is not my favorite singer but no one can deny that this guy is a living legend and one of the best voices in Heavy Metal.
On this double CD you can find 27 tracks ( plus and intro) which Rob did with his band during the Resurrection word wide tour. As far as I know it features almost all the songs he did on that tour. If you take a look at the playlist you'll notice that the variety of this CD is really cool! You can find the majority of the Resurrection tracks plus many songs from his glorious career with Judas Priest! For those who liked War Of Words ( he best work with Fight Imo) Rob has put a couple of tracks too.
Now except the live material you can see three new studio tracks. Like some Judas Priest maniacs friends of mine told me, two of them ( Heart Of A Lion and Prisoner Of Your Eyes) meant to be Judas Priest songs. Heart Of The Lion was sold ( or something ) to Racer X ( Scott's Travis band). Both these songs are going to be on the Judas Priest re-released ( the boxset). Anyway as you can understand both of these songs sound a lot like Judas Priest and I have to admit that Heart Of A Lion is one hell of a song! Prisoner Of Your Eyes is a wonderful ballad.
Now let's go back to the live album. The sound is perfect and the performance of the band is excellent! Rob sounds great like always and he proves that he can sing and scream on the stage as good as he can sing and scream in the studio! Well, I have to admit that some parts of the album were touched by some magic hands but don't tell me that innocence reigns among the live albums nowadays ha? The music is great too and the guitars have a great live feeling!
In a few words this live album is a must, a masterpiece, awesome, great, excellent, perfect, outstanding and many more things together. I'm sure that the fans of Judas Priest and Rob Halford already have it ( or wait if they are in countries where it's not out yet) and I have to convince the rest of you that it worth's your money even if you have Priest Live and Unleashed In The East. Do you like metal? Do you think that one more version of Breaking The Law is too much? Do you like Resurrection ? Do you want to hear a few new tracks? The answers are obvious so the decision is yours. One of the best live albums in the modern history of Heavy Metal is here and it will prove that Ripper is a great singer and the maybe the best man to fill Rob's place but Rob Halford is ONLY one. It's not a historical monument as Priest Live is but we live in the year 2001. How many live ( or studio ) albums equal to Priest Live come out these days? Nah, i'm not waiting an answer.
PS As you can see there's a song called Sad Wings Of Destiny. This was the bonus track of the Sad Wings Of Destiny Japan release!
PS The price of the double CD is almost the same as if it was one CD. You get 27 fuckin' great songs with the same money you could get only 8-9.
PS Thanks to Pirate and death_unl of #metal_temple for some important information!

5 Star Rating

Disc 1

Made In Hell
Into The Pit
Nailed to The Gun
Light Comes Out Of Black
Stained Class
Running Wild
Slow Down
The One You Love To Hate (Featuring Bruce Dickinson)
Life In Black
Hell's Last Survivor
Sad Wings
Silent Screams

Disc 2

Intro (CD2)
Cyberworld (CD2)
The Hellion (CD2)
Electric Eye
Riding On The Wind
Genocide - 1st Encore
Beyond The Realms of Death
Metal Gods - 2nd Encore
Breaking The Law
Screaming In The Dark (New Studio Track)
Heart Of A lion (New Studio Track)
Prisoner of Your Eyes (New Studio Track)
Rob Halford - Vocals
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums
IMike Chlasciak- Guitars
Patrick Lchman- Guitars
Ray Riendeau - Bass
Record Label: Metal Is Records


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