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Halford - Live At Rock In Rio III (DVD) (CD)

Live At Rock In Rio III (DVD)
by Grigoris Chronis at 09 November 2008, 2:31 PM

Since Rob Halford formed his own Metal God Entertainment label, truth is he's hard in working to release much rich audio/visual stuff from the HALFORD (and 'pre') days. So, after the living Metal legend's Metal God Essentials: Volume 1 best of/compilation CD/DVD combo, it's time for an even more serious offering. Live At Rock In Rio III shall rip your neck, provided you did cheer up listening to Rob's Resurrection 'welcome back' CD in 1991.
The visual basis on which Live At Rock In Rio III is set is, if course, the famous Brazilian festival (Rock in Rio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ). Considered to be the biggest - in terms of attendance - Rock fiesta in the world (its first installment attracted 1,500,000 faces), it originally took place in Rio De Janeiro (1985, 1991, 2001), but was consequently extended to Portugal's Lisbon (2004, 2006, 2008) and Spain's Madrid (2008). Whoever owns IRON MAIDEN's Rock In Rio DVD can be informed it's the year Rob Halford's band was also on the billing, so as to have a first idea floating around.
Remember what happened when Resurrection was released: Rob's two previous bands (FIGHT and TWO) were decadent or already finished. The world awaited Rob's statement regarding his return to our beloved JUDAS PRIEST's camp but nothing happened (not for that long, though). Rob, though, had already decided he would like (or did have no other choice) fronting a real Metal band. Still, what does it take to make a triumphant return? The same killer voice (got it), a crushing lineup of up-to-date dynamic players (found it), a set of predictable yet smashing Metal tunes (wrote it) and some 'flashing' guest appearances (rolled it, with Roy Z and Bruce Dickinson). The rest is history: Resurrection took off in the hearts of where have you been, Rob? metalheads, the subsequent tour was victorious, Crucible (2002) kept the flame high and all was set to celebrate the (now) 57-year-old leading frontman's revisit to the illustrious Birmingham-based band's ranks.
The DVD's main movie: There comes the band's set in Rock In Rio III festival. Hell, the same-titled track is a killer and Rio's set on fire. The crowd (200,000+ metalunatics) goes crazy and the ground is set for more riff-dominated, steamrolling-tempo tunes to follow: Made In Hell, Locked And Loaded, Into The Pit and Nailed To The Gun (from the FIGHT days),  a first duo of PRIEST classics, then again contemporary songs and back to PRIEST's anthems.
The sound is rich (5.1 format supported) and the performance of Rob and Co. really is exceptional (they do justice on the PRIEST classics, too, OK). You see, a good album and a big fest raises the spirit high. Rob has a (now) familiar onstage appearance, keeping kinda static and 'mean business'. His throat, though, takes no prisoners. Especially in songs like Made In Hell, Silent Screams, Jawbreaker, Stained Class (…wow…) and Into The Pit you must be deaf or blind not to get imprisoned to his ruthless shrieks and metallic persona (even though a frontman like Rob should react with the crowd, he does hardly try…). The Chlasciak/Lachman duo breathes steel fire, since their riffs have tons of balls and - even if kinda in the visual background due to Rob's glaze - they spit fire in leads, too; confidence gleams in their faces. Riendeau fits the case in ultrasonic virtuosity, while Jarzombek's pounding and technique shall omit nothing from the final splendid impression (captured in 13 cameras). Again, the spirit is high, that's obvious.
The DVD's bonus: A comprehensive documentary with in-depth footage, depicting various aspects/info/timelines of HALFORD's preparations for the Resurrection CD and subsequent world tour (rather scarce for core HALFORD fans), is presented in between the Rock In Rio III gig (you can see an u-n-b-e-l-i-a-v-a-b-l-e drum solo 'sample' by Jarzombek in Japan, using a snare drum and his double bass drums and a couple of cymbals…wow…again…). Not to forget, the promo clip for Made In Hell is also included, plus trailers for the Crucible world tour DVD (it's gonna be unleashed next year), FIGHT's War Of Words DVD and Metal God Essentials: Volume 1 DVD.
The remastered CD: the sound seems more distinct and powerful (to today's standards), in regards to the 1999 issue (which was hailed as 'fresh' and 'modern' at the time, for the classic Metal standards). All songs of that era are include (the Japanese edition duo, also - Hell's Last Survivor and Sad Wings) plus two completely new songs: Fetish is an intense song with extreme screams from Rob and some advanced instrumentation, while God Bringer Of Death shall probably mean more to young new Metal followers than old-school Metal lovers.
A beautiful full-page booklet (including a shitload of photos and lyrics to all songs) you can also fancy if you decide to purchase Live At Rock In Rio III. Should you? I guess yes. Why? Cause - even if the Metal God has, at times, made us gaze in question with his choices - he is our beloved metallic preacher for more than 30 years now and Resurrection (while being kinda predictable in songwriting and full of an 'I wanna be back in the Metal map' atmosphere) is a headbanging album that eventually made all Metal fans smile (wide or not) for Rob's return.

4 Star Rating

Disc 1

Live At Rock In Rio III:
- Resurrection
- Made In Hell
- Locked And Loaded
- Into The Pit
- Nailed To The Gun
- Stained Class
- Jawbreaker
- Silent Screams
- Cyber World
- Nightfall
- The Hellion
- Electric Eye
- Metal Gods
- Breaking The Law
World Tour Documentary
Made In Hell (Video)
DVD Trailers

Disc 2

Made In Hell
Locked And Loaded
Night Fall
Silent Screams
The One You Love To Hate
Cyber World
Slow Down
Hell's Last Survivor
God Bringer Of Death (New Track)
Fetish (New Track)
Sad Wings
Rob Halford - Vocals
Metal Mike Chlasciak - Guitars
Patrick Lachman - Guitars
Ray Riendeau - Bass
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums
Record Label: Metal God Entertainment


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