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Hallig - A Distant Reflection of the Void Award winner

A Distant Reflection of the Void
by Der Bärtige Mann Gareth Beams at 14 July 2018, 2:15 PM

From their Bandcamp: “HALLIG is a fascinating mixture of fast and melodic Black Metal, evoking images of depths of dark waters, madness, and transcendence, adorned with Nordic melodies. Harsh screams can be found as well as striking, clean vocals. Raging guitars lead into deceptive silence just to rise up again and unleash the next attack. Surprising solos and acoustic melodies give the music of HALLIG a special note”.

 Schwarzes Metall aus Deutschland mit Zweck!
(Black Metal from Germany with purpose)

A Dawn Beneath Titanium Clouds” starts off with a steady intro similar to the psychedelic vibes you’d find in early 2nd Gen Black Metal, similar to BURZUM’s “Filosofem”. A scream hits out to break the song in fully. The vocals from L are a mix of spoken and darken growl. It’s a good mix. The melody progresses nicely, you can hear the Modern Melodic Black Metal here. There is a similarity here with the works of CATAMENIA in my views. The beat and rhythm are fast-paced, this makes you feel like the song is a lot shorter than it is. It’s a dark mashup which makes you want to experience it more. The Guitar melody from A and F is a throwback to the lost art from DISSECTION’s Jon Nödtveidt. JP does very well to keep the drums featured fully without being overpowered.

Neues Land” has a darker vocal hit throughout from L. These lads are not messing around. This is Black Metal from Germany with purpose. They are taking no prisoners. The beat is harder and faster than before. Less Melodic is this, but again the guitars feature multiple aspects, really throwing the song into a direction you may not have expected. The rhythm is that fast that you feel the song has rushed by again, but it’s 4 minutes of brilliance. Again, you can feel the DISSECTION aspects throughout. Not saying that this is what they were going for, but as fan of Black Metal, its something that I can pick up.

Straight to the Ninth” has the strumming at the start to really open the song in ways you enjoy an instrumental intro. The rest of the band join in soon enough, the slow vocals from L take the song into the darkness further and then he kicks in dark vocal growls to meet up, and to guide us away. This song is clearly more about melody and seemingly stretching the legs of the instrumentalists. This band have strength throughout and fans will enjoy their work. They seem to have a very good idea of what it is they are trying to do.

Im Aufwärtsfall” has the cleans screams once more. After speaking to the band, I was told that I is the one who does these. The instrumental start, especially the drums really penetrates the silence. The overall feel to the song is dark once more, but a different shade to the songs covered thus far. The approach feels more a trip down Memory lane for old school EMPEROR fans with clear aspects in the rhythm overall. It’s a dirtier sound than songs before, but it shows the band will expand themselves to show another side to their very impressive arsenal. The clean screams add more atmosphere to the song, which creates a great change in what we’ve heard so far. Its got more of a Death Metal feel in places for the vocals, but the overall sound doesn’t change from the albums already impressive ambiance.

The Starless Dark” has the softer start, making you wonder what will happen next, not long to find out as the darkened vocals of L meet the clean screams of I. Its another dark mash up with solid vocals sounding more like DEPECHE MODE and WINDIR, it’s a good change, but not a long lasting one as the heavier screams replace along with a dark and frantic-paced guitar harmony. It’s a credit to the album and the band, showing their adaptability in changing the atmosphere of the songs throughout the album, but never does it seem that the band don’t know their own strengths for sound. Melodic harmonies run riot similar to Melodic Black Metal favorites DISSECTION once more, but its not a copy, its an inspired masterpiece.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. A Dawn Beneath Titanium Clouds
2. Neues Land
3. Trümmer
4. Straight to the Ninth
5. To Walk with Giants
6. Im Aufwärtsfall
7. Into Infinity
8. From Ashes All Blooms
9. The Starless Dark
10. A Distant Reflection of the Void
L. – Vocals
I - Vocals
A - Guitars
M - Bass
F - Guitars
JP - Drums
Record Label: Folter Records


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