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Halloween - No One Gets Out (Reissue)

No One Gets Out (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 25 April 2013, 2:43 PM

It seems to have been an in and out business for HALLOWEEN for the past 30 years. Just last year they released an independent album after six years draught. But this here release has nothing to do with anything new from the long living American Metallers from Detroit. In order to commemorate their third decade of Metal giving, Pure Steel Records paid their respects by issuing the band’s second album, “No One Gets Out”, originally released back in 1991. As I came to be such a flawless time traveler, it was a great opportunity for me to explore this band again after mostly hanging tight to their debut molestation, “Don’t Metal With Evil”, released six years later. As I like to convey my personal respects for almost every old US Metal release, “No One Gets Out” is no different, though it is right before the decline of such a fine rain of bands that took hold of the American scene. Generally this album is believed to be a classic, yet I beg to differ, and excuse me all you fanatic HALLOWEEN fans out there, but the upcoming had to be written.

After knocking a few buildings with the raw made “Don’t Metal With Evil”, it appears that HALLOWEEN decided to put some darkened hues on their orange, pumpkin colored faces and walk the walk and talk the talk of the heavier bastards of their scene. Therefore, “No One Gets Out” might sound in the vein of denser DOKKEN and SAVATAGE but it also engraved on its skin the markings of Power meets Thrash Metal dissidents in the alleyway of METAL CHURCH, VICIOUS RUMORS  and somewhat HALLOWS EVE. Furthermore, their gloomy maneuvers took shape in Tony Martin’s era of BLACK SABBATH, something in the range of “Headless Cross” and “The Eternal Idol”. In a way, beyond the beauty that is traditional Metal, with its smoothness and fractional catchiness, HALLOWEEN appeared as if to break the chains that held them, being marginally ruthless, and come out alive, racing and chopping, partially violent and foreboding, crazy with the fast soloing and speed savvy rhythms. Nonetheless, they haven’t forgotten their grace behind while composing emotive songs behind the besmirched scenery. Frankly, “No One Gets Out” surprised me as usually I am tougher Metal kind of fan, hailing and heeding the call of the speedy stuff consorted with the classic spigots of the genre, but this time around I was captivated by the balladries of “Miss Eerie's Child”, a near perfection of oozed up Heavy Metal with a smite of Hard N’ Heavy elegance, “The Death of Love”, an agony upon the death of one of life’s principles, like a dormant echo turning into a scream in the night, melancholic and presented a true power ballad with a distinguished soloing. As for the severing headbangers, I found several fortunes in the areas of the opening basher, “No One Gets Out”, possibly the album’s ultimate Thrasher with a fine riff hovering the chorus, a slice of old ANTHRAX mixed with late 80s VICIOUS RUMORS. “The Thing That Creeps”, castigating, harnessing mid tempo combustion, debut ANTHRAX oriented, I was thinking of “Metal Thrashing Mad” without the vocals, straightforward and right in your face boomer. “Kings” a mere DIO carnivore put its trust on the kings, maybe of Metal who knows really, has a winning chorus and well written vocal line melodies.

“No One Gets Out” is considered as a classic by many, and I can understand that. It has numerous sections that have their way at being addictive, though I won’t go that far with the compliments. Production wise, it is ok, this remastered version cleaned the place up a bit, but nothing more. HALLOWEEN’s powerhouse vocalist Brian Thomas, still in the band’s lineup to this day, is undoubtedly the album’s asset. I liked the lead guitaring, but eventually those came and god. Gladly that Thomas is still there to knock on heads to remind the old US scene’s true story. In short, an album that is a part of a legacy that should be checked over.           

3 Star Rating

1. No One Gets Out
2. If I Die you Die
3. Crawl To The Altar
4. 7 Years
5. The Death of Love
6. Kings
7. Sanity in Danger
8. Miss Eerie's Child
9. The Thing That Creeps
10. Halloween
11. Detroit Rock City (Kiss Cover)
12. A.B.F.$.
Brian Thomas - Vocals
Donny Allen – Guitar
Tim Wright – Rhythm Guitar
George Neal - Bass
Billy Adams - Drums
Record Label: Pure Steel Records


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