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Halloween – Terrortory

by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 05 April 2012, 1:09 PM

HALLOWEEN aren't new in town, they exist since 1983 and a proud old giant in the US Heavy Metal scene aside to bands such as LIZZY BORDEN and MALICE. Their first album, "Don't Metal with Evil", was released in 1985 that had two hit singles: "Trick or Treat" and "What A Nice Place". During 1986 the band continued on working on their next album "Victims of the Night", but due to lineup changes the album was released eventually as a third in 1997 when their original lineup rejoining the band. In 1989 the band opened a tour for the legendary band CRIMSON GLORY, and later on written an album with the help from CRIMSON GLORY but the album never came out. In 1991, the album "No One Gets Out" saw light. In 2006 the band released 2 albums: "Horror Files" and "E.vil P.ieces".

This year the band released their new album "Terrortory" that includes 16 new songs with some of the original members from the 80's period.  From the first listening session I got a bad experience mostly from the low quality recording sound, it wasn't as I expected from a band that came to be as a milestone in the US Metal. The sound value is so poor and frosting, the drums are way back and I don't feel the wide snare punch. Imagine yourself a Punk kind of drums. There isn't reverb to empower the dry sound on the album, though I know that it's a blessing, and not that easy, to try to restore the sound that used to be in the past, but this time I'm not sure if the attempt was there. On the other hand, without stepping the production, vocalist Brian Thomas, succeeds on passing the horror spirit through his singing, he sounds clear when he should be and mean and evil in the parts that expresses rage. The songs aren't the best of HALLOWEEN’s history but I found some diamonds pieces through it.

"Scare You" opens with a melodic MAIDEN's opening thrust and roll to war like aggressive guitar riffs. The lead guitar work is impressive and integrates well with the vocals. "Not One" represents the softer side of the band with a painful ballad, a very sad and emotional plane of the band that maintains gloomier and darker points. The beauty is the combination between the negative sect and the evilest side that has been mostly identified with the band. "Re-inventing Fear" is another great track alongside its brother "I Lie Awake", which supplies an interest with the changing rhythm in the songs that gives varied observations on the band impressive musical writing abilities. "Say Your Prayers" is a good example of how to write a good traditional Heavy Metal, very simple riffs but with so much power in them.

To sum up, I expected far more from this legendary band, there are a few good songs that I mentioned, but when I look on the whole picture there are only a few. The band succeeded to keep on the mystery and dark spirit with their musical cross and that is what is so impressive when it's nowadays it is acceptable that bands change their music style while trying to fit in to our modern days .

3 Star Rating

1.Traipsing Through the Blood
2.At The Gates
4.Image Quite Horrible
5.Her Ghost Comes Out to Play
6.Caught In the Webs
7.Scare You
8.Not One
10.Re-inventing Fear
11.I Lie Awake
12.Hands Around My Throat
13.Say Your Prayers
14.Where is Michael ?
15.Dead On…
16.Into the Afterlife
Brian Thomas– Vocals
George Neal  - Bass
Rob Brug  - Drums
Don Gurrier – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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