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Hallucinator - Another Cruel Dimension (Reissue)

Another Cruel Dimension (Reissue)
by Andrew Harvey at 16 July 2022, 5:43 AM

This death/thrash metal band or quartet have been going for a few years as they ‘have gotten it right after a six year tumble towards realization - never plainly imitating while sourcing their thunder directly from the bulge of death, black and extreme thrash in the second half of the 80’s’. In the six years since their formation they have also released their demo titled PRIMEVAL POWER in 2015 featuring six tracks which was released through Transylvian Recordings. This was followed by their debut album titled ANOTHER CRUEL DIMENSION in 2020 then a second demo titled NIGHTMARE IDOL in 2021.

The band themselves feature; vocalist/guitarist ERIC STUCKE from band like CAEFA and DIPPING DECAY, then there is guitarist FALKO BOLTE who is from groups like VORLUST also ex member of INSANITY, ENBILULUGUGAL and DEATHSTRYKE. Their bassist is DAVE ROCHMAN and their drummer is now reissued as a deluxe edition as it contains the original album tracks plus several tracks from the band’s previous demo’s. This reissue opens with “Another Cruel Dimension” which is a short enough instrumental track with dark and scary sound effects. A sort of gong or sound effect is heard as a whining sound stutters then an organ sound comes in and out.

Guitar then sings out with quick pick movements then we go straight into “Clotted Black Blood” as an explosion of crazy drums and wild guitar bursts into life. Vocals are echoed throughout as they bicker and dominate the audio spectrum. This track is fast and furious so we jump into the next track “Alcoholic Possession” slashes through with pulsating drums and guitar expressing the true nature of death/thrash metal with hints of black metal too. Intervals for vocals serve their purpose as the other instruments settle down briefly but drums attack with rage as the speed metal thrash takes over. “Hiss Of The Skull” opening as a swirling synth effect then transitions into the ghastly death/thrash metal sound of all instruments.

This track is firing on all cylinders slowing down briefly at one point but leads into the next track “Ruthless Transgression”. Tempo takes a step back as the electric guitar gets busy and creative, there is a quick turn around for the track to pick up the pace. The thrash side is certainly more focused here but it’s the vocals giving the death metal twist. Amplifier feedback converting to a synth effect leads into “Pervader” as before repeats and continues the uprising of death/thrash metal. A section gives guitar and drums to experiment before hopping on into “Into Lurid Destinations” which is an instrumental track dipping into dark, mesmerising synth effects. Creating the illusions as we head straight into “Beyond The Threshold Of Sanity” with aspects of instrumental vibes from the previous track. Then the threatening attack of thrash and speed metal combination is violent.

The track is showered with vocal outbursts and guitar hooks punching through. “Primeval Power” which is a short two and a half minute track full of meaty guitar hooks as they project full or as vocals come and go. “Mad Reaper” is a gradual occultic crescendo as the guitar is mentally crucifying the audio spectrum as the tempo pulls back for drums to improvise and thrive too. A synth based outro brings in the next track “Oh They Slay” which is a cover originally done by a band called R.A.V.A.G.E. Guitar rides on a slightly interesting rhythm as drums take the thrash side of that track while vocals echo once more. The track flies on high ground as we head into “Chapel Perilous”.

This twelfth track has the synth effect again then hell breaks loose as thumping speed and thrash metal are on the move as before. “Descent Without Control” is the last track of what the original album finishes with as this is dominated by synth based effects prolonged and sustained. However as this reissued version is a deluxe edition it does feature additional tracks. These additional tracks are actually familiar to those who know HALLUCINATOR already as these tracks come from two previous releases then there are three demo versions  of tracks off the original album release. The band’s EP titled NIGHTMARE IDOL plus their demo PRIMEVAL POWER are both included, the band have certainly got what it takes to step up and claim more fame. The thrash/death metal sound is certainly not a let down as are elements of speed metal, possibly black metal also. They do so well to blend so much together and they are worthy of accomplishing their dreams and future endeavours.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Another Cruel Dimension
2. Clotted Black Blood
3. Alcoholic Possession
4. Hiss In The Skull
5. Ruthless Transgression
6. Pervader
7. Into Lurid Destination
8. Beyond The Threshold Of Sanity
9. Primeval Power
10. Mad Reaper
11. Oh They Slay (R.A.V.A.G.E. cover)
12. Chapel Perilous
13. Descent Without Control
14. Nightmare Idol
15. Immortal Wars
16. Destroying Angel
17. Entering The Flesh
18. Primeval Power (Demo Version)
19. Hiss In The Skull (Demo Version)
20. Mad Reaper (Demo Version)
21. Morbid Fascination
22. Exiting The Wound
Eric Stucke - Vocals and Guitars
Falko Bolte - Guitars
Dave Rochman - Bass
Will - Drums
Record Label: Dying Victims Productions


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