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Halo Noose - The Druid

Halo Noose
The Druid
by Craig Rider at 20 February 2022, 8:04 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: HALO NOOSE; independently unsigned, hailing from England - performing Fuzz Rock, on the sophomore EP entitled: “The Druid” (released October 15th, 2021). Since formation in 2020; the soloist in question has only 2 EPs in the discography so far: “Magical Flight” (released February 14th, 2020) and this here 2nd EP entitled “The Druid” of which I am introduced to. 5 tracks ranging at around 21:33; HALO NOOSE arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Fuzz Rock developments.

Opening up with a blistering array of rampantly rompy rumblings, vibrantly potent trembles belts a synthetic yet sulfurous portrayal of gnarly distortion and fuzzy rock ramifications that organically strife with strident tonality within “Journey To The Sun”. Groovy harmonies bounce boisterously with punchy noise remedy, where thunderous thuds & sturdy zeal rollicks with uniquely versatile vehemence while progressively technical experimentations belts a clobbering aesthetic in chiseling beats. Meanwhile, meaty gallops frolic with monolithic tempo and a deathly yet virulent substance within “Mescalin”. As flamboyant firepower heft contrasts a synthetic systematic on seamless mellow amongst a chunky grit in concrete barrages of drony expertise, distilling a hybrid aesthetic in killer laceration grinds and slaying momentum that revels with riveting yet volatile melody.

Consisting of Stuart Morrish who performs on everything, he uses this towering mobility on robotic pipes which surge with raspy throatiness & ritualistic persistency while this majestic yet mythical-like serenity merges rich vigor while thumpy bass audibility chimes with jumpy perseverance amongst a distinctively distinguished expertise of sharp sublimity that’s most soothing, especially in “Nomad Returns”. The penultimate rocker “Blindman” excels diligently with rambunctious piledrives that smack the speakers with psychedelic fuzziness, compiling a salubrious potential on impactful impulse and relentlessly wondrous slabs of solid calamities in which revs with pandemonic synergy while an immersively inventive combustion excels with sluggy vibration & rugged trembles that quake the ground amongst a furore of hazy buzz while murmuring transparency lays down this motionless musicality for good measure.

Overall concluding “The Druid” with the finale banger “Dragonfly”; I am compelled to that that HALO NOOSE most surely offered this short slice of white noise hissiness, an enjoyably entertaining discovery in which marvels with this magnificent spin while remaining worthy of replaying a good handful of times. This hypnotic experience injects a healthy dose of pummeling weightiness, swampy stompiness & striking pursuits of venomously infectious exhilaration in which will entice eardrums with soul-smoothing rock, do check it out should you fancy a mystifying shroud of intriguing - instrumental bliss on the sludge/stoner/grunge front.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

Purchase Link:

3 Star Rating

1. Journey To The Sun
2. Mescalin
3. Nomad Returns
4. Blindman
5. Dragonfly
Stuart Morrish - Everything
Record Label: Independent


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