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Haloperidol - Amnésia

by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 14 October 2014, 11:13 AM

WOW, sometimes, extreme Metal bands really astonish your ol’ Big Daddy here, and this time, comes from São Paulo, Brazil, HALOPERIDOL, a brutal and extreme Death Metal band, with their first EP, “Amnésia”. And my nephews and nieces, these guys really kill!

The quintet is up to deaf our eras with a brutal way of playing Death Metal, sometimes fast, and sometimes more slower and abrasive. With extremely low grunts, great guitar riffs where a more traditional Heavy Metal influences arise (and good solos, where we can see the band using some melodies, not that used thing of “guitar being stripped and strangled” we hear often), bass and drums forming a strong and heavy rhythmic basis, and their music becomes alive, pulsing with aggressiveness and a good technical level as well. Besides the band is really searching for a sound with the band’s face, it’s nothing really new at all by now, but we can hear they are trying, and will get there.

Even being an independent work, the sound quality is a good level, with all instruments in their due places, with good tunes, so we can hear and understand what they are playing with no trouble at all. It’s clear and aggressive.

The band work is composed by for tracks (“Amnésia” is just an instrumental intro, with a darkened feeling). “Bloodhand” has a slow and well worked tempo, along with very good guitar riffs and vocals, as “Rise Again” is faster and shows a very good work of drums and bass (the rhythmic basis here is very technical), along with good solos. “Burning Soul” is a slower and abrasive song, but with brutal moments arising sometimes, as the guitars makes some astonishing and catching riffs. And “Possessed” has more modern Thrash Metal tempo, along with some good melodies and very powerful drums.

Very good work, showing that Brazil still has some good surprises!

4 Star Rating

1. Amnésia
2. Bloodhand
3. Rise Again
4. Burning Your Soul
5. Possessed
Lucas Sansil – Vocals
Jack C. Daniels – Guitars, backing vocals
Fernando M. Costa – Guitars
David Almeida – Bass
Ramon Rodrigues - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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