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Hamka - Multiversal Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 09 February 2018, 11:28 AM

Symphonic Metal for me is an eroded Metal genre. Since the first coming of it in the second half of the 90s, more and more bands arose following the success of the pioneers. Now, only the great names are respected, and others disappeared into the sands of time. But some good names still appear, as the French quintet HAMKA. Their second album, “Multiversal”, is really excellent.

They play a mix between the grandiose and heavy aspects of Symphonic Metal with ethnic music influences. But be prepared, because their musical work is very good and personal, using very good melodies (that are easy to be assimilated by the fans) and fine harmonies. Obviously, they have potential to go more and more into the genre, but their combination of excellent female vocals (with some male vocals parts to create a very good contrast of voices), great guitars, solid bass guitar and drums work and wise keyboards parts is really charming. The sound quality of “Multiversal” is really excellent. The efforts on the production resulted in a clear and heavy quality that fits perfectly on their musical work. The balance between weight, aggressiveness and clarity is almost perfect, and all the musical arrangements can be heard. All elements on the album work without being fussy.

Be prepared, because their 14 songs are here to make you a fan. But “World War III” with its charming harmonies, the ethnic world melodies that flows from “Earth’s Call” (pay attention to the vocals, how they fit perfectly on the instrumental basis of the song), the funny and filled with great keyboards parts “Inner Conviction”, “Seaquest” with its excellent and accessible touch (what amazing guitars), the abrasive and heavy rhythm of “Modern Cowboys”, the very good technical work that can be heard on the harmonies of “The Path of Pharaohs”, and the heavy and melodic grasp of “Multiversal Universal” (what a great work from bass guitar and drums, and fine orchestrations) will take your heart by assault.

Pay attention carefully on HAMKA’s work, because “Multiversal” is an amazing album.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. One-Way Journey to the Unknown
2. World War III
3. Earth’s Call
4. Hope
5. Inner Conviction
6. Dark Night Falls
7. Seaquest
8. Modern Cowboys
9. Burning Sands
10. The Path of Pharaohs
11. Orkanian's Lands
12. Seed of a New World
13. Multiversal Universal
14. New Era?
Elisa C. Martin - Vocals
Willdric Lievin - Guitars
Julien Negro - Guitars
Alexandre Ardisson - Bass
JB Pol - Drums
Record Label: Fighter Records


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