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Hammer King - Poseidon Will Carry us Home

Hammer King
Poseidon Will Carry us Home
by John Paul Romeo at 09 September 2018, 9:26 AM

Hailing from Germany where power metal basically originated, HAMMERKING unleashes “Poseidon Will Cary Us Home” – the third and last part of their “Nautical Trilogy”. The forthcoming album is set to hit the market this coming October 5. The album of course is the final of the quest of the “King”. The album begins with its title track, featuring sharp guitar riffs and big melodies. The chorus of average level power metal anthem, however, Fox’s singing pushed it a bit off. The backing choir makes a strong delivery of the lines while Fox’s sound in a way opposes this vibe with a rather awkward singing especially in the line “Poseidon will carry us home”.

“The King is a Deadly Machine” is almost of the same safe quality of the title track, except that it is more riff-driven. Overall, the song’s musicality is pretty cool, but still, the thing that bothers me is Fox’s singing. It sounds like a falsetto attempt and a FAILsetto result. If anyone here remembers that one moment in one the big 4 concerts when Dave Mustaine sang “Holy Wars” with a very awkwardly off voice, (search via youtube, it’s easy to find) that’s how Titan sounded in these two songs.

On the up side, the clumsy start is backed up and potentially saved by “Battle of Wars” with its classic style power metal-heavy metal riffs and highly melodic tune. “Where the Hammer Hangs” is a highlight in the album. With its galloping guitars and drums, the song largely ups the energy in the album. The twin guitar attack on the solo is shreddy sophisticated. This is what a good power metal anthem would sound. Another noticeable awkwardness here is the song “Glorious Night of Glory” – that, my friends are the exact words in the chorus. I’m confused, I’m not sure if that’s meant to be a hyperbole or just a careless case of redundancy. Once again, the song is doing good proving its integrity but this little factor negates any chance of it.

The longest and probably the most epic track is “We Sail Cape Horn”. It’s like a collection of everything in their arsenal. Among all the songs in the album, this one is the strongest representation of power metal even though it’s not that fast. The song has mood changes from calm to aggressive, hence making it an epic track. Still, the song is heavily defended by its classic metal riffs and controlled melodies of the drums. As to how I heard it, this highly anticipated album turns out to be a disappointment. Maybe we expected a lot because of the hype in anticipation for this album. Turns out, the release is just of average level and is way lower (in terms of excellence) than the previous releases.

This rating is not to say that the album is complete crap, it’s just because we all know HAMMER KING is way better than this.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Poseidon Will Carry Us Home
2. The King is a Deadly Machine
3. Battle of Wars
4. 7 Days and 7 Kings
5. Warriors of Angelhill
6. Where the Hammer Hangs
7. Last Rites
8. Glorious Night of Glory
9. Locust Plague
10. At The Mercy of the Waves
11. We Sail Cape Horn
12. Meatus Majestatis
Titan Fox – Vocals/Guitars
K. K. Basement – Bass
Gino Wilde – Guitars
Dolph Macallan – Drums
Record Label: Cruz del Sur Music


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