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Hammer - Ready Motherfucker (CD)

Ready Motherfucker
by Michael Dalakos at 24 December 2006, 7:23 PM

What a load of crap! I have to admit that working with the underground can be such a double-edged knife: often I get to check out brand new cool acts that are destined to create an impact in the mainstream scene in a few years. On the other hand some bands manage to caught me by surprise - and often we are talking about a bad surprise.
Like this one for example: HAMMER (not Metal Hammer, though crappy as the same name magazine) mention in their bio sheet that they play NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal that is). So I am all like hell yeah, always good to listen such stuff only to recall my statement a second later listening the opener Battlefield that obviously can be described as a thrash tune. And what about the rest? Well the rest are a bit closer to the style mentioned by the band.
Unfortunately the thrashy opener was not the only negative in this demo. Above all here sings the worst singer ever (yep even worst than the guy from METALLICA - what's his name again?). I'm telling you guys: this dude must have the worst possible voice I have ever heard in my life. Damn I know lot of Greek singers that do the job better than him! Damn damn damn!!!
And even if you manage to mentally bloke out the Duffy Duck behind the microphone the rest is a bunch of mediocre riffs, lousy production… damn (again). The only salvageable part is some fast solos but then again do not expect something really good on them.
HAMMER is a fine example of the hazards of the occupation doing reviews solely for underground bands. Avoid at any cost.

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