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Hammered - The Beginning

The Beginning
by Salvador Aguinaga II at 25 March 2013, 10:29 AM

Every band has to start somewhere and for HAMMERED this is quite literally “The Beginning”. After this, I got to be more appreciative of Italians. Their music is undoubtedly unique and even the genuinely bad ones have an interesting aspect to them. On the contrary, I’m apt to dislike their food or maybe I haven’t had real Italian food but I sure love their music. Now let me begin by describing this quintet’s debut from Gorizia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

No Time For Us” begins with a lot of melody, guitars on both sides building up the song into who knows what. Then it hits you with a Thrash upstart rhythm as a basic guitar riff raises your adrenaline. The drummer, Alfredo Macuz, perfectly catalysts the song’s rhythm into maximum momentum. Tactical and simple strikes capturing the aurora majesty. Then, a technique common with IRON MAIDEN as triplet guitars reaches your ears, a beautiful style of power-charging melodic Thrash. In continuation, “Space Invaders”, has a very soothing group vocal hymn. The riffs are simple but very fitting and Andrea Csàszàr has a nice accent to his singing. This song excellently incorporates a drum solo/interlude accompanied by a catatonic guitar addition.

“See You in Hell” starts with an off-beat drum arrangement but as soon as the initial riff engages, the drums escapes its detrimental episode. As guitar melodies leak further, the drum varies in semblance changing like a chameleon out in the scorching hot sun. Then, a new melody enters as the guitar thrives on its uppity embodiment. Suddenly, there’s a second of silence, followed by the guitars going into its finest and fiercest display of thrash riffs yet. As the song progressed, Csàszàr says “hell” in almost a feminine voice. After its termination, the group decides to dispel the notion in unison by saying “In Hell!”. A bit after, the guitars and drums go into a descending pattern. The tone of the drums layered over the guitar riff is exquisite and as the solo approaches it goes into a technical almost classical composed idiosyncrasy.

On the latter part of “See You in Hell” you begin to hear a bit of speed metal. It continues its growing roots onto “Masters of Your Nightmares” but only on the former half. This is a quirky but interesting song. It can’t help but put a smile across your face as Csàszàr varies his execution to almost sound like a hyper foreign child. Along the chorus, there are the group vocals saying “…and there’s no key” in a subtly gentle but impacted method. “Money” is an almost acoustic and melody-driven instrumental to show the true horrors of how money is valued in society. It displays utter sadness in the state of money being the deciding factor in negotiations. How it blinds many to its seductive capabilities and strips human existence to its most primitive and ravaging breed.

“Bloody Fields” has a TOOL-sounding bass intro accompanied by a soft but intricate drum delicacy. This song uses some weird static sound effect that distorts Andrea Csàszàr’s voice. I don’t know if you’ve seen Dragon Ball Z but he sounds a bit like Android 19. Despite its effect, this song is very mellow-inducing. “From Paradise to Hell” flourishes one of the catchiest melodic riffs so far. It feels like the bright sun is shining down on you as you hear the waves lightly crash against the shoreline and taps your feet with its liquidity. In coherence with the previous, about halfway through “The Five Hunters”, prior to the solo, is one of the catchiest riffs. It sticks with you and it’s admittedly creative.

“Never Dies” reminds me of METALLICA’s “Whiplash” not instrumentally-wise but in regards to how the lyrics describe their sense of aptitude and life through a musician’s vantage point. Take note in how both songs are from each band’s debut full-length. “Wait For Sleep” is an excellent DREAM THEATER cover attempted by these guys.

HAMMERED is one of those special bands you don’t know what to think of them on contact but through trial and error delivers a memorial experience. I, spontaneously, gave this album a third spin and to my surprise it sounded unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. They play in a style I like to call as Melodic Thrash Metal with Speed and Traditional Heavy Metal influences. This is a very strong debut, full of catchy and visionary bearings.

4 Star Rating

1. No Time For Us
2. Space Invaders
3. See You in Hell
4. Masters of Your Nightmares
5. Money
6. Bloody Fields
7. From Paradise to Hell
8. The Five Hunters
9. Never Dies
10. Wait For Sleep (Dream Theater Cover)
Piero Macuz - Bass
Andrea Grasso - Guitars
Andrea Csàszàr - Vocals
Alfredo Macuz - Drums
Adriano Crasnich - Guitars
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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