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Hammerfall - Renegade (CD)

by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 01 January 2001, 10:39 PM

The day of judgement has finally arrive for Hammerfall. Their third album is here and everyone who used to have doubts about the future of Hammerfall will get an answer, positive or negative (those who had negative opinion about Hammerfall won't change I think). Those who believed in the band and who love Hammerfall's style after this release, they will erase any ''bad'' thoughts about the future of the swedish Metal warriors.
The first awesome album Glory To The Brave was just the beginning. Some said it was luck. The next album, Legacy Of Kings, was fine, nothing more though. Renegade now came to establish their position in the temple of Heavy Metal. Closer to their debut, Renegade is an album that won't let any of their fans down. Power riffs meet melodic lines and along with them add an amazing rhythm section with thundering drums (Anders did a great job) and an excellent bass! The guys now carry the experience of two albums and with great help from their producer Michael Wagener they made an album which combines the good times of British Heavy Metal, the European one (that means German) and finally the legendary American Metal of the golden 80's decade. Joacim Cans is here one more time and he's becoming a better and better performer. It seems that he has worked on his vocals. I have also to say that the guitar duo, Stefan Elmgren and Oscar Dronjak got improved too and their guitar work really kicked my ass! The lyrics of the album are more or less the same as on the previus albums. Heavy Metal and the way of the warrior. Now for those who hate them and who accuse them for lack of originallity and other things i have to say this. Don't even try to listen to that album. I won't explain why, 'cause you won't understand.
Hammerfall have certainly returned with fresh ideas and they proved that they aren't just a rainbow that makes us gaze at it and then fades away leaving just the sky. It seems that they have found a personal sound and the label of cover band as many used to call them does not fit anymore. Heavy Metal needs albums like that for sure. I can't pick any favourite tracks 'cause i can't chose less than six! No cover song this time but that's not bad at all. Well done guys!

4 Star Rating

Templars Of Steel
Keep The Flame Burning
Living In Victory
Always Will Be
The Way Of The Warrior
Destined For Glory
The Champion
Raise The Hammer (Instrumental)
A Legend Reborn
Oscar Dronjak - Guitars
Joacim Cans - Vocals
Stefan Elmgren - Guitars
Magnus Rosen - Bass
Anders Johansson - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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