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Hammerhawk - Breaks Loose (CD)

Breaks Loose
by Grigoris Chronis at 25 March 2007, 9:52 AM

This re-release of Breaks Loose on Rusty Cage Records carries on the label's series of obscure Dutch 80s Metal 'gems'. One of the oldest Metal bands in Holland, HAMMERHAWK's 'retro' Metal sound may sound quite naive for today's standards, but - on the other hand - this was the style back in an era where Metal bands were 100% 'metal' in their attitude, too.
The cross path of early IRON MAIDEN and MOTORHEAD; this was the goal for Thijs 'Maniac' Bruyns and Ray Van Wijngaarden when they first met in the Netherlands. This conclusion, drawn straight from the band's debut Breaks Loose EP (1984, Brain Damage), was soon to alter to more 'speed-y' fields in 1991's Welcome Home, We expected You. 'Trapped' in numerous lineup changes (later member Paul Van Rijswijk to be involved with 'retro xtreme' metallers GODDESS OF DESIRE), the future was not so bright for the hawks. I was surprised to see the War 7 single issued in 2000, and then…nothing again…
'Heavy Metal forever!' is the band's motto. And - in this specific CD - it's rather obvious. Fans of the Dianno days of IRON MAIDEN plus MOTORHEAD/TANK maniacs and lovers of the 1980-1985 'dirty' N.W.O.B.H.M. sound in general will adore this effort. The instrumentation is not that significant, but the vibe and the overall feeling is quite honest. 80s Metal music from real metalheads, I'd add…
As for the bonus 'goodies'; Low Rider and White Hot Steel come off the band's 1982 demo, Run For Your Freedom sees a live performances of HAMMERHAWK while the 'prowling' Steel wraps up the reissue.
Raw energy, the truth of the underground feeling…HAMMERHAWK are a rather respected band in the Dutch Metal scene; respected even by Death/Black Metal fans. Nothing groundbreaking, but rather true…This is a good choice for your 'retro' early 80s needs (especially since the original vinyl version of the EP has a 'keep away' price nowadays).
P.S.: A 'hidden surprise' lurks after the natural ending of Steel in the CD…

3 Star Rating

One By One
High Score
Chinatown Braindamage
Low Rider (bonus track)
White Hot Steel (bonus track)
Run For Your Freedom (live) (bonus track)
Steel (bonus track)
Thijs Bruyns - Bass, Vocals
Ray Van Wijngaarden - Drums
Bart Van Rixel - Guitars
Alex Van Die - Guitars
Record Label: Rusty Cage Records


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