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Handful of Dust - Cosmopolis

Handful of Dust
by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 26 September 2019, 6:37 AM

This is the third full-length album from the Italian Progressive Metal band. This album is a tribute to fallen bassist Gianluca Gobbi who died after the recording of this album. Not much is known about the news itself though. I just read that he tragically passed away but I couldn’t find much information about it unfortunately. This is the first release since the ‘’Map of Scars’’ EP back in 2015.

This new release was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen, one of the very best in the business and it showed the seriousness of their work and wanting to work with the best to get the best out of the band. I always applaud any band that wants to bring it to another level when they hired someone of the likes of Jacob Hansen.

The band has been at it since 2000 and from album to album they have shown more maturity throughout. The band has finally found its grounding but it’s a bit all over the place. They mix a lot of elements and they lack that common element, that stability I was looking for. When I read about the band, they had a lot of different influences, probably a bit too much. They don’t really know where they are going unfortunately.

I don’t know what exactly they want to do, they have that Alternative Metal spirit and they added some Progressive Death Metal elements but it seems to be a constant struggle in which direction they want to go. The songs aren’t bad at all but it goes every which way but loose. It’s a mix bag and just a bit too confusing for the listener. Some songs are lost in the shuffle and nothing really stood up for me. It’s a sort of album you enjoy but you don’t really give yourself another chance to listen to it. You discard it and you listen to something else. It’s original but a bit too much for me. You know I really believe one day they might find they real sound but not on this release.

This is not for everyone no matter what but to each his own!

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Mind Charade
2. Silent Heart
3. Volcano
4. Dying Sun
5. Settembre
6. No American Dream
7. Cosmopolis
8. Winter Song
9. Ghost Bridage
10. Black Storm
11. Missing Pieces
Gianluca Gobbi  – Bass
Nicolas Pezzetta – Guitars
Mauro Forgiarini – Vocals
Christian Di Lenardo – Drums
Stefano D’Amore - Guitars
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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